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World Happiness Index 2023 Country Wise Rank, Complete List


World Happiness Index 2023 Country Wise Rank, Complete List can be checked from this page now. The World Happiness Report will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with the release of this year’s Globe Happiness Reflect, which analyses data from global surveys to report how people perceive their lives in more than 150 countries worldwide. In these dark and troubling times, the World Happiness Index 2023 shines a light on a glimmer of optimism. Not only did the epidemic result in distress and suffering, but it also increased the number of people seeking social help and charitable donations.

World Happiness Index 2023

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network publishes an annual report called the World Happiness Index 2023. This report assesses the overall level of happiness in more than 150 nations all around the world. The statistics from the Gallup World Poll and various other characteristics, such as GDP and life expectancy, are used as the foundation for the ranking that the statisticians have created.

As the globe enters its third year of the pandemic, the study will have three primary areas of concentration in 2022: looking back, looking at how individuals and nations are faring in the face of Covid-19, and looking forward to how the science of well-being is expected to develop in the future.

World Happiness Index

8 World Happiness Index 2022 – Country Wise Rank

#1. Finland

Finland has the distinction of being the happiest nation in the world. It received a score of 7.842 out of a possible total score of 10. Not only did the strong sense of civic solidarity and mutual trust among the people of Finland help the nation win the number one position, but the authors of the study also attributed the same feelings to assisting the country as a whole in successfully navigating the COVID-19 epidemic. In addition, the people of Finland had a high belief that they were free to make their own decisions and had a low level of skepticism about the integrity of their government. Both of these aspects have a significant bearing on one’s level of happiness overall.

#2. Denmark

The culture and society of Denmark, as well as Danish history, both highly emphasize the need for trust and communal values. The sense of everyone in Denmark being responsible for one another’s welfare is quite strong. It can be one of the reasons why the social fabric of the country is so preoccupied with equality.

#3. Iceland

Health is a significant factor in determining happiness, and the healthcare in Iceland is above average compared to other nations. The great majority of its inhabitants have access to medical facilities that are of a high standard. Iceland is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking natural scenery, and its people are active and outdoorsy, so they make the most of the country’s many outdoor opportunities. It’s not hard to be content and joyful when nature’s splendor surrounds you.

#4. Netherlands

The Netherlands, often known as Holland to many tulip fans, has a score of 7.464, which places it ahead of Norway as the fifth happiest nation in the world. Norway was ranked in fifth place. The Netherlands had the highest score of any of the top seven countries measuring generosity and demonstrated an impressively low level of perceived corruption.

World Happiness Index 2023 – #5. Luxembourg

People go to Luxembourg to see ancient sites and castles straight out of a fairy tale and to experience the country’s untouched natural landscapes, gastronomic delights, and cultural variety. If you choose to make this county your home, you’ll enjoy all of these perks in a calm environment, without waiting in extensive lines, and you’ll meet people who enthusiastically welcome you.

#6. Sweden

A generally happy population results from Sweden’s diligent attention to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. According to the findings of another piece of research, Sweden is one of the best countries in the world for women because the country places a strong emphasis on social equality beginning with kindergarten, offers 16 months of paid parental leave (maternity and paternity leave) that can split between a couple, and provides free daycare. The happiness of Swedes can be attributed, in part, to all of these things.

#7. Israel

Israel has a robust social and familial structure, a healthy life expectancy, excellent medical care, and a stable economy, all of which contribute to a feeling of safety and connectedness for the country’s inhabitants. Spending quality time with friends and family is highly valued in Israel because of the significance placed on these relationships. There is a population of people from all over the globe, the sea, archaeological sites, historical sites, fantastic cuisine, and lovely people.

World Happiness Index 2023 – #8. New Zealand

The social welfare programs of New Zealand are widely regarded as among the best in the world. In addition to this, the nation is generally quiet and peaceful throughout. In New Zealand, there are so many things to do—excellent trails, hiking, skiing, skydiving, aquatic activities—that it’s almost difficult to get uninterested in the country.

How Is World Happiness Index 2023 Measured?

Let’s look at the methodology behind the happiness index used in this research to get the ranks shown above.

On the Cantril life ladder question, the gathered statistics reflect survey data from thousands of respondents in each nation. These individuals are asked to assess their subjective well-being (happiness score), and their responses are used to generate statistics.

In addition to this, a regression analysis is carried out in the report to see whether or not happiness ratings can explain in terms of tangible and intangible elements that can impact them:

  • Life expectancy
  • GDP per capita
  • Social support
  • Generosity
  • The liberty to decide one’s course in life
  • The public’s view of corrupt practices
  • Both positive and negative effects might be seen.

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