Woman's Missing Lottery Ticket Worth $532K Found Just Before It Expires

AGraham, North Carolina, woman's misplaced lottery ticket that was the winner of $532,234 was found just before it expired in early March

The odds of someone winning the jackpot is one in 962,598.

To play the Carolina Cash 5 game, players choose five numbers ranging from one to 43 and mark the numbers on a slip

We just had two people win and split the jackpot two ways," he said. "Each winner won about $235,000

"She recently moved houses, and moving is stressful enough as it is," he said. "But, trying to locate a missing lottery ticket worth over half a million dollars adds to that stress."

Maya, who will take home $346,005, told lottery officials she plans to use the prize money to pay some bills, invest, take a vacation and will set some aside for her two children

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