What We Know About the Women Sent to Bill Cosby’s Dressing Room

Bill Cosby cemented his nickname and reputation as “America’s Dad” with his role as Cliff Huxtable, the beloved father on NBC’s 1984–1992 hit series The Cosby Show

Today, however, the comedian is known for dozens of allegations of sexual assault against him

Cosby served nearly three years in prison for sexual assault before being released in 2021; the conviction was overturned because a prosecutor had promised not to charge him

The show began filming in Brooklyn but eventually moved to a larger studio in Queens. By then, much of America was familiar with the Huxtables and their weekly antics

Multiple people who worked on the show, both on and off camera, described the constant presence of young models in the show’s audience

Some women have alleged that Cosby made unwanted advances toward them on set

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