top necklace design in usa!

While a dazzling diamond necklace is an obvious complement to a formal gown, it can look equally stunning when paired with a crisp white shirt and denim jeans.

1.) Diamond Collars and Chokers

Both paperclip chains and their chunkier counterparts offer endless versatility and wearability as they are ideal for layering with other necklaces or wearing alone. 

2.) Chain Link Necklaces

Locket necklaces have been around for centuries, and we love the sentimental nature of wearing photos of the ones you love close to your heart. 

3.) Memorable Lockets

 Look for pearl necklaces that feature pearls with unique shapes and colors, as well as shiny metal accents.

4.) Powerful Pearls

This year’s runways were bursting with colorful jewelry from bold beads to vivid gemstones to eye-catching enamel.

5.) Pops of Color

This year, create a look that’s out of this world with celestial pendants and chains inspired by the sun, moon, and stars.

6.) Celestial Statements