tips for your best hair ever!

If it's curly, consider a Denman brush that can be used to create perfect spirals, and fine-haired folks should consider using a brush with flexible bristles to prevent pulling out hair unnecessarily. 

Find the right brush

Your hair is super stretchy when it's wet, and vigorous brushing can cause hair to break off mid-shaft. 

don't brush it when it's wet

Consider allowing your hair to air-dry occasionally, and use hot tools like curling irons and straightening irons on the lowest possible heat setting. 

Stop using so much heat

If you are going to use heat on your hair, invest in a product that will help protect the delicate strands from being damaged by high temperatures.

invest in a good heat protectant

Cotton pillowcases can be rough and create tangling, while smooth silk pillowcases allow hair to glide without snagging. 

Score a silk pillowcase to prevent damage

Regular trims will keep your ends looking fresh, and may also encourage hair to grow more quickly. 

Get haircuts regularly

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