This Zodiac Sign Is the Biggest Backstabber!

In the astrology world, some zodiac signs have the ability to be a bit more conniving than others based on their personality traits.

Wonder if your best friend or significant other has the ability to betray you?

"Sagittarius loves to think big [and] can't pass up an opportunity to contribute to a front-page story."

Known for their tendency to be a bit emotional and flakey at times, Pisces also has a reputation for being a little shallow and superficial.

 Virgos have the ability to be "critical [and] a bit cold-hearted and gossipy, with a mean streak." 

Geminis are famous for being indecisive, and at times, inconsistent. 

Super disciplined Capricorns have the ability to be ice cold in their quest to get what they want.

 Scorpios "are the most manipulative zodiac sign," and the most likely to backstab. "They're dangerous because they're not chatty, so you never really know what they're thinking."

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