The Supreme Court Just Teed Up a Direct Assault on Civil Rights Law

The Supreme Court announced on Tuesday that it will decide whether civil rights laws violate the First Amendment when they “compel an artist to speak or stay silent.”

By doing so, the court formally commenced its long-delayed project of dismantling non-discrimination laws that protect LGBTQ people

Tuesday’s grant marks a victory for the conservative campaign to undermine LGBTQ equality by granting businesses a right to discriminate

Now the court will answer the question left open in Masterpiece Cakeshop: Whether the government can require businesses to make “art” for same-sex weddings

If a business’ First Amendment rights outweigh the government’s interest in ending discrimination, few non-discrimination laws will be safe from constitutional attack

The best case scenario in 303 Creative is likely that the majority gerrymanders its decision to legalize discrimination against gay people only

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