Security guard doodles eyes onto $1 million painting on his first day

When you boil it all down, there’s really only one job duty for an art museum security guard: secure said museum’s art. And yet...

Continuing the long, time-dishonored tradition of “improving” historic works of artistry, a “bored” security guard at Russia’s Yeltsin Center managed to deface a $1 million painting

According to The Daily Mail and elsewhere, the man apparently scribbled beady lil’ eyes onto two of the three titular

Faceless individuals in Anna Leporskaya’s “Three Figures,” dated between 1932 and 1934.

Visitors to the museum first noticed the damage back in December, but it seems the culprit has only recently been identified

While preservationists anticipate that the work can be restored with minimal-to-no damage (all for the low, low price of $3,500)

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