Police sources say Kanye West could face criminal charges

Kanye West could be facing legal trouble following last month's incident where he was accused of pushing and punching a fan seeking an autograph

Los Angeles law enforcement have nearly completed their investigation into the case and will be forwarding it to the L.A. City Attorney's Office

Who will then decide whether to file criminal charges against the 44-year-old rapper, per TMZ

He shared a numerical rundown of his $ 2million income since launching a $200 Stem Player where his new album Donda 2 will be exclusively available

Ye also shared a black and white photo of himself, writing, There are two kinds of people People on my team or losers

He also blamed Gamble for getting Kim involved with 'liberals' writing, 'He got my wife linked with the liberals in a deep way

Twitter users mercilessly mock Tom Hankss son