32 Pandemic Habits 

Whether its meditation, listening to soothing music, soaking in the tub or even setting boundaries with your time, remember to regularly give yourself permission to unwind.

Practicing self-care

This tried and true practice remains a great way to reduce the spread of germs, whatever they may be. 

washing your hands

Not only is it less expensive, it’s usually more nutritious than takeout or what you’d order if you go to a restaurant. 

cooking at home

While activities, sports and social gatherings may be back, keep space on your calendar for backyard movies, board games, crafts, bike rides and outdoor play. 

Prioritizing family time

No need to drop that paint brush or your knitting needles. Creative pursuits are naturally soothing and reparative.


No need to shut down your home gym. Whether you are comfortable being back at public gyms or not, there is no excuse to skip a workout when you have invested in equipment at home. 


Growing your own veggies or having fresh cut flowers is gratifying to the soul.

getting your hands dirty

The board games and jigsaw puzzles you re-discovered don’t need to be tucked away. Skip some TV time and gather around for some old-fashioned brain games.

enjoying puzzles and games

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