Opinion: 'Hillary Clinton Derangement Syndrome' is worse than ever

There's something infecting right-wing circles, and it's showing no sign of letting up: a fixation on Hillary Clinton that I'm calling"Hillary Clinton Derangement Syndrome," or "HDS" for short

A new HDS variant apparently emerged last week when special counsel John Durham, who has been investigating the origins of the FBI's Trump-Russia probe

They didn't just spy on Donald Trump's campaign. They spied on Donald Trump as sitting President of the United States

These are all obvious cases of HDS, because the filing, in fact, proves no such thing

HDS is an insidious condition that also appears to make those who are infected hate Clinton while paradoxically craving to see more of her in the political sphere

But even if there were a cure for HDS, I doubt all of those struggling would avail themselves of it

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