8 Things You 

Should Never Put 

 in a Microwave

Take a close look at that takeout container. If it has a metal handle, break it off before you put the container in the microwave.

1. Chinese food containers

Even the little piece of metal inside a twist tie can cause sparks inside a microwave. Hunt down any metal, even something as small as a staple on a tea bag, and remove it.

2. Twist ties and staples

Never cook eggs in their shells in a microwave. When steam builds up inside the shell, the egg may explode.

3. Nuts, seeds and eggs in their shells

Microwaving popcorn after just putting it inside a plain brown bag isn’t safe. “It can catch on fire.”

4. Non-microwave popcorn

Grapes are sealed in a tight skin. Microwaving them creates a mess, at the minimum, and can ignite a fire in the worst-case scenario.

5. Grapes

Toast bread with a conventional oven if you don’t have a toaster. Don’t use a microwave. Microwaving bread products makes them damp and soft … before burning them.

6. Bread

Don’t use your microwave to heat breast milk or formula.

7. Milk or formula for babies

Turn the microwave off if there’s nothing inside it.

8. Nothing

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