20 tips for making your spaces less cluttered!

To make more room for organizing, spend a day purging your home of unwanted items. Make three piles — keep, donate, and trash — and stick to your decisions. 

Get rid of what you don't need!

Make a list of the things that make your home feel the cleanest  — and make it a priority to check those off each and every single day. 

Make a list of daily clutter-fighting tasks.

Save spaces atop counters or shelves that are difficult to reach for lesser-used items that you won't need to grab frequently. 

Reserve high shelves for less-used items.

There are so many different types of organizing system but the best one is the one that you'll actually use.

Find an organizing system that works for you.

Keys, backpacks, phones, purses. Stop clutter in its tracks by starting the organization process.

Maximize your entryway space.

Employ plastic drawer organizers, which can expand to fit differents usables properly. 

Use dividers to keep drawers neat.

 Eliminate the heaps of boxes and packets by decanting your pasta and spices into jars that can be stacked and stored next to each other.

Use similarly sized containers to store pantry essentials.

If you don't have much closet space or room for organizational systems, get creative! 

Take advantage of clever storage spaces!