Lunar New Year 2022: Welcoming the Year of the Tiger

Hong Kong (CNN) — Dust off your pink, tiger-print jacket -- it's time to celebrate the Lunar New Year.Saying goodbye to the Ox, we enter the Year of the Tiger on February 1, 2022.

Though the pandemic continues to overshadow the occasion, with public festivities once again pared down or canceled in many cities, millions of families around the world

Here's a quick guide to the most common Lunar New Year traditions and superstitions, as well as insights from some of Hong Kong's most established geomancers

Lunar New Year festivities can often last for up to 15 days, with different tasks and activities taking place over that period. (In China, it's also referred to as the Spring Festival.)

Though the spread of Omicron has impacted the way people are celebrating this year, don't despair

Remember the unofficial #1 tip from the Lunar New Year rule book: Focus on the positive and only use auspicious language.

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