Michigan basketball coach Juwan Howard erupts, brawl goes viral after game against Wisconsin

What seemed like a normal college basketball game turned into a viral sensation on Sunday.

When university of Michigan coach Juwan Howard erupted in anger after his arm was grabbed and he appeared to strike an opposing coach.

Michigan lost to Wisconsin 77-63, and as the two teams shook hands at the close of the game, 

Wisconsin's head coach, Greg Gard, appeared to grab Howard after it appeared that Howard was slow to shake his hand.

Multiple reports suggested that Howard, who played for the Miami Heat and was a member of Michigan's famed "Fab Five" in college, was upset...

that Gard called a timeout with 15 seconds left in the game and a 15-point lead.

In a video of the scuffle, Gard seems to grab Howard when he doesn't offer a handshake, and the two appear to have a heated exchange.

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