I’m from Canada. Don’t believe everything you hear about the trucker protests

Fewer than half of Americans surveyed in 2011 knew where Canada’s capital and two-thirds acknowledged they learned next to nothing about Canada’s history in school

As a colleague of mine recently said, there’s an untapped market for a book about Canada written specifically for our neighbors to the south

Others have taken to pointing out a perceived a race-based double standard among those who decried the Black Lives Matter protests in the United States, but now support the Canadian trucker protests

 We have no reason to believe the majority of truckers in the convoy are racist. In fact, appropriate for the month of February, the trucker convoy is actually a Black history moment

There’s also not as much civil disobedience as one might suspect given the mainstream coverage of the truckers as far-right extremists

Canadian authorities must think long and hard about their next move

Woman stopped washing for her husband