I'm 26 and live in a 350-square-foot tiny home with my partner and pets. Here's how we make our space work.

My partner and I built and live in a 350-square-foot tiny house with our cat and dog. We took advantage of high ceilings, windows, and loft space to make our home feel larger

Our multifunctional couch both works as storage and a place for guests to sleep.

My partner, Jake, and I always knew we wanted to live in a tiny home on wheels

We had the space to create one and access to YouTube videos detailing how, so once our Etsy shop took off, we purchased a 32-foot trailer and began building a home for us

We purposely positioned the wood grain to travel upward to draw eyes toward the ceiling and make the space feel larger

Taking advantage of these "decor" pieces, we used the same concept for our barn door. Plus the funky grain gives us something cool to look at

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