"Golden Blood"? Fewer Than 50 People Have This Blood Type

“Universal donors” are hounded by blood banks throughout the year for their precious supply, which lacks A, B and RhD antigens on the surface of red blood cells

Normally, these antigens are treated as “foreign” during an attempted transfusion. The immune system prepares to throw fisticuffs, determined to destroy invaders, even though its host 

That said, there’s one blood type that puts the rarity and universality of O negative to shame. That’s Rh-null, also know as “golden blood”

Doctors routinely call it “the golden blood” for its ability to save lives

People with golden blood: Rh-null. Their blood can be donated to literally anyone via transfusion, and most importantly, to those within the Rh system with rare blood types

 In some ways, it’s a superpower

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