5 Foods Secretly Increasing Inflammation In Your Body!


You may have heard that processed meats trigger an inflammatory reaction, but animal protein, in general, can also lead to the same condition.

Salad dressings

"Salad dressings… are foods people may not think of as pro-inflammatory, but they likely have added sugars to them."

Granola bars

If you need a quick snack, make sure you check the nutritional contents of your granola bars. Otherwise, you might have just dug into a snack that can unknowingly cause some inflammation.

Frozen yogurt

You may think of frozen yogurt as the wholesome cousin to ice cream, but certain frozen yogurts load up the dessert with enough sugar to counteract any healthy image.

Seasoning packets

These artificial colors can… lead to inflammation. Therefore, it's better to add limited seasoning mixes to your dishes."

Vegetable and seed oils

The consumption of vegetable oils has increased dramatically in the past century.
Most mainstream health professionals consider them healthy, but vegetable oils may cause

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