‘Fairview’ Is Stephen Colbert’s Tasteless Mockery of Small-Town America

For the past 25 years, South Park has been a reliable juggernaut for Comedy Central,

 Which has naturally sought to use it as a launching pad for additional raunchy R-rated series in order to create a Wednesday night primetime comedy programming block

Those efforts have largely been in vain, but that hasn’t stopped the network from trying, and for its umpteenth stab at devising a follow-up to Trey Parker

Matt Stone’s hit, they’ve struck upon Fairview, a half-hour sitcom from creator R.J. Fried and executive producer Stephen Colbert

That’s part of Comedy Central’s renewed commitment to irreverent adult-skewing animation—an outlook that’s also resulting in the upcoming reboot of Beavis and Butthead

Unfortunately, at least on the basis of its pilot (Feb. 9), it’s about as clever as a trip to the bathroom

Freshly retired, Tom Brady