Things You Must Know About People Who Have Concealed Depression!

Those with concealed depression are some of the most charismatic people you know and are prone to having a sharp tongue and hyper-creative mind.

They're able to process the world around them at rapid-fire speed — the good and the bad. 

Subsequently, they're more vulnerable to numbing themselves with alcohol or drugs.

Their hangovers make them extremely emotionally vulnerable.

They're very in tune with other people's feelings — when a stranger cries, they can't help but feel their pain.

If they hurt someone, it's like a stab to the heart. When they say, "I'm sorry," they're really sorry. But what you will never see is the hours they spend going over every single detail of the fight.

Their sadness has a lot to do with the ways they try to conquer their own demons.

They hate meaningless small talk and avoid it like the plague; having unauthentic conversations can feel overwhelming exhausting.

Many are easily drawn to them and perceive them as being extroverted, only to be confused later on when they realize that they're also very introspective.

They hang onto the people who are stimulating enough for them to stop over-thinking for dear life.

High intelligence is linked to depression. Smarter people can envision all sorts of worst-case scenarios.

They're very uncomfortable with people seeing them in pain.And they will do everything in their power to ensure other people don't see them struggle. 

They will always attempt to do more to satisfy something inside of them that may be always hungry for more.

They often feel like they have no control.So they compensate for fear of the unknown.

They make situations worse for themselves by trying to conceal their sadness.