Clean California initiative funds to benefit Marysville

The California Department of Transportation announced Monday that Marysville will be benefiting from funds as part of Gov. Gavin Newsom's $1.1 billion Clean California initiative.

Caltrans said it is awarding $312 million for 126 beautification projects along the state highway system, which includes work in Marysville and the surrounding region.

In Marysville, money from Caltrans will fund the Marysville On-ramp Beautification Project. This $728,000 project

which is set to begin construction in June and be completed by December, will improve and upgrade the southbound on-ramp of State Route 70 from 1st Street and F Street.

Enhancements for this project include painting bridge walls, reconstructing and extending sidewalks

These various beautification projects throughout the state are designed to foster cultural connections and civic pride

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