Car color With worst resale value


45.6% less than average

It's not just passenger cars. Yellow is also the most "valuable" hue for SUV resale, and among the top three colors for convertibles.


39% less than average

The No. 1 hue for pickup resale value, beige is the worst for SUVs. 


28% less than average

Orange is another bold shade that retains its resale value well for passenger cars and SUVs.


17% less than average

It's not easy being green … unless we're talking SUVs and pickups. In both cases, green vehicles enjoyed moderately better-than-average resale values .


3% less than average

Looking for a middle-of-the-road color that won't affect resale value too much? Choose a gray car, truck, or SUV. 

Gold (Worst for Resale)

21% more than average

The one subcategory for which the paint doesn't have a seriously negative impact: pickup trucks.

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