Brides Share What They Absolutely Hated About Their Wedding Day!

"I loathed the feeling of regret on my wedding day. Sad to say, but I was still in love with a guy from my past.

1. I didn't tell my husband I was still in love with my ex.

I was pregnant and barfed a lot, and couldn't eat any of the food."

2. I was pregnant and vomited the entire day.

I arrived at the salon expecting nails, hair, and a pedicure, and they said they only had time for my hair.

3. My flower arrangements were all wrong.

I also hated that I could never really relax because vendors kept asking me tons of questions.

4. I didn't have time to enjoy the actual day.

 In ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’  my husband leaned over in my ear and could barely utter the words, 'I lost my voice.'

5. My husband lost his voice from partying the night before.

"We did our best to hire just the right vendors for our wedding, but on the actual day, the schedule felt completely out of my control.

6. We lost control.

 I was so excited about our photographer, but in the end, it was disappointing what he captured.

7. Nearly everything went wrong.

A whole lot could go wrong, and does go wrong, and for many women, a wedding day is less like a fairy tale and more like a game of Survivor. 

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