Biden: A brutal poll number for the president

Joe Biden has been president for a little over a year. And that year was not kind to him

More than half -- 56% -- of Americans said that Biden's first year in office was a "failure," while just 39% described it as a success

The news doesn't get better the more you dig into the survey. Two-thirds of independents said Biden's first year was a failure, while more than 9 in 10 Republicans (91%) agreed with that assessment

Biden's numbers are better among Democrats -- 80% called year one a success -- but 15% of members of his own party described his first year in office as a failure

Oftentimes, a president is judged in one way during his time in office and in another after he leaves, once the impacts of his policies come into clearer focus

We know that, historically, the first midterm election of a president's term is a referendum on his time in office up to that point

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