10 Most Dangerous Jobs In US!

1. Logging workers

The most dangerous job in America is logging. Logging workers had a fatal accident rate that was 21 times the average job nationwide.

2. Aircraft pilots 

The majority of aircraft pilot fatalities occur in crashes of privately owned planes and helicopters rather than on regularly scheduled commercial jet aircraft.

3. Roofers

Roofers generally must use ladders or other equipment to climb on top of buildings. The most common cause of fatal work injury for roofers is falling off roofs or ladders.

4. Construction helpers

 The most common cause of death for these workers are falls and trips on construction sites.

5. Crossing guards

The most common causes of death for crossing guards are transportation incidents, which occur when vehicles hit and kill crossing guards.

6. Garbage collectors

 The most common cause of death for these workers is being struck by a garbage truck or other vehicle.

7. Farming supervisors

Transportation incidents were the leading cause of death for farming supervisors.

8. Delivery drivers

 Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death on the job for driver/sales workers and truck drivers.

9. Ironworkers

Ironworkers are responsible for installing iron and steel on buildings, bridges, and roads. Falls are the most common fatal occupational accident for structural iron and steel workers.

10. Farmers

Farmers are responsible for producing crops and dairy products and raising animals for food. Crashes, including tractor crashes, were the most common fatal injury for farmers.

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