Walmart Makes Big Change to Online Shopping That Customers Will Love

Shopping online means waiting for your purchases to come to your door after you’ve already paid for them. A new feature on Walmart’s website enables buyers to view how clothing appears on models of their own size. Zeekit, a start-up Walmart bought in May, created the “Choose My Model” function.

Models of similar height, shape, and skin tone may be selected by consumers using the Choose My Model service. A preview of how the items will move and fit is intended to aid clients in making an informed purchasing decision. Customers will be less inclined to return their purchases if Walmart implements the technology, according to senior vice president of clothing and private brands Denise Incandela.

As Incandela put it earlier this month, “everything comes down to giving the buyer with the confidence to make that purchase”. Because we believe that online buying will be the norm in the near future, our goal was to set the bar high.

Walmart began testing the function earlier this year and it is still in Beta. Only Walmart-exclusive brands such as Sofia Jeans, Scoop, and Free Assembly may use the technology at this time.. With any luck, Hanes and Levi Strauss will follow suit in the near future. Cheryl Ainoa, Walmart Global Tech’s senior vice president of new businesses and emerging technology, told CNBC that Choose My Model would eventually include more than 120 models in total. Virtual try-ons will be the next stage for Choose My Model, allowing shoppers to submit images of themselves to see how the garments fit. They might also share the photographs with their social network to seek their friends’ feedback.

Before Walmart bought Zeekit, the technology was utilised by Macy’s, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, and Levi. In May 2021, Walmart purchased the firm for an unknown sum. As Incandela put it when the transaction was announced: “Zeekit will help us create an inclusive, engaging, and tailored experience for our varied consumer base.

After Amazon recently overtook Walmart as the leading clothes retailer during the epidemic, Walmart just launched a major effort to boost garment sales, according to Wells Fargo data. New private labels, national brands, and the hiring of Brandon Maxwell are all examples of Walmart’s recent successes.


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