Influencer marketing is one of the most profitable prospective employment prospects for anyone wishing to “create their own path” in the digital era, and it has become more popular. Influencers and content producers have been able to expand their own brands while also cooperating with well-known firms thanks to social media. Moreover, they will be able to contact millions of consumers all over the world in the process.

However, because of this amount of exposure, influencers have issues in protecting their personal information. When it comes to the fast-paced world of influencer marketing, invasions of privacy, most notably doxxing, are all too typical.

Kyle Krzeski and John Bourscheid, co-founders of the data privacy service Removaly, have agreed to an interview with us. For the year 2022, Kyle and John revealed the top three privacy recommendations that influencers should follow.

Concerning Removaly

Removaly was formed in 2020 by Kyle and John as a result of their own personal experiences with online abuse and cyberstalking in the past. Their primary objective was to maintain control over how much of their personal information and that of their family members was made publicly accessible online.

When they were studying the best techniques to scrub their own personal data from the Internet, they discovered how many hoops they would have to go through in order to effectively remove personal information from the web. This revelation served as the impetus for the creation of Removaly, one of the most comprehensive online tools for the removal of personal information from the internet.

Influencers Should Follow These Privacy Guidelines

When it comes to protecting one’s personal information, there are several precautions that influencers and content producers may take. However, there are a few key guidelines that should be followed to provide a strong feeling of security.

Privacy Tip No. 1: Make Use Of An Alias

As an influencer, it is recommended that you should not use your true name, according to the privacy specialists at Removaly. It is quite usual, and often encouraged, to use an alias or stage name on the internet. When creating films, performing, or tweeting, Krzeski explains that “the idea is to avoid an influencer’s personal identity from being revealed.”

The following is an additional explanation from Bourscheid: “Having your entire name associated with your personal brand exposes you to a significant amount of possible danger.” Doxxing and SWATting have become increasingly prominent terms in the internet vocabulary as a result of the widespread malice directed towards influencers.”

Privacy Tip #2: Create an LLC for your company or brand.

It’s a fantastic idea to incorporate your company as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). As a result, your personal assets are protected, and it is a perfect approach to use services for your influencer job without disclosing your personal information.

Removaly strongly advises that everyone register via a registered agent as well, since your personal information is now visible in state company records and filings if you use a registered agent service.

As Krzeski notes, “this benefits influencers by guaranteeing that they do not have to reveal their personal information while signing up for services or participating in partner initiatives.” They may instead supply corporate information while keeping their personal information private. “This is a better option.”

Privacy Tip #3: remove your personal information from people search websites.

Many online influencers, broadcasters, and content producers have been harassed, pestered, and hounded as a result of their activities. Quite a few instances have been reported in which individuals have looked up the influencer’s personal information and then posted it publicly in a nasty manner. This is the crux of the issue.

People search websites and data brokers like White Pages, BeenVerified, and MyLife are among the most common sources of information used by unscrupulous actors to access this information, according to Removaly. This information is freely accessible to anybody who wants to get it, and it may be quickly spread in order to identify home locations, phone numbers, family members, and other relevant information.

While it is possible to do it manually, the process of erasing your personal information from the Internet is very time-consuming and complicated. Furthermore, deleting your information from a data broker does not ensure that they would not re-use your information in the near future..

Services such as Removaly are available to make the process of erasing personal information off the internet as simple as possible, therefore shielding influencers and their loved ones from potential danger.

Concluding Remarks

The internet offers an ideal setting for the development of influencers. However, it also serves as a breeding environment for possible privacy problems to develop. Bad actors having direct access to your personal information is something you want to avoid as an influencer, and this is something you should strive to prevent.

Making certain that you and your loved ones adhere to strict privacy guidelines will go a long way toward keeping you and them secure. According to Kyle Krzeski and John Bourscheid of Removaly, giving information and options for people seeking to better their personal privacy is important to their business’ success.


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