Theoretically, it should be easy to embrace your feminine energy and let the harmony of your genuine nature flow through you. If you’re willing to commit to leaning in, you’ll find that your voice, your charisma, and your ability to attract riches are all amplified. However, it is what complicates things.

High-achieving Type A women now have a significant challenge: dispelling the myth that being feminine means taking ritualistic bubble baths and dancing around an open fire in the forest every weekend. Even while it may appear like a contradiction to their lofty goals and visions, something about it may often be intuitive.

New York Times Best-Selling Author of eight books, International Speaker, and creator of the Spirit Junkie Movement Gabrielle Bernstein is one of the early pioneers in the exploration of feminine energy’s potential.

Meditation, creating harmony, and surrendering her life to a source bigger than herself helped her move into her power. As a result of her transformation, she has had a profound influence on countless numbers of women throughout the world.

I believe there is an innate need to ‘wake up’ quickly because women, particularly entrepreneurs, feel they must show up at a very high level, especially today,” Bernstein says.

As women, we are robbed of our opportunity to be who we really are because of this “unconscious haste.”

Some of the most powerful women in the world have spoke up on what feminine energy means to them, why you need it, and their favourite methods to access it.

Lilith Moon: Debunking the Myth of Perfection

That which we create and receive in abundance is called feminine energy by Moon. The problem is that type A, high-achieving women like myself often have a hard time re-entering that state of flow because we are so focused on our external appearance.

She is a holistic business consultant, shamanic healer, and the founder of Shamanic Yoga. She and her son Lou live in the jungles of Bali. Moon used to be disconnected from her emotions since she was always striving for perfection. Being in touch with your feminine power means taking action that is purposeful, sincere, and meaningful.

You may tap into your intuition by following Moon’s favourite ritual:

The “Adi Shakti” mantra, which invokes “Shakti,” the primordial feminine force and the creative spirit of the cosmos, should be spoken after three sets of moon salutations in the evening. Sit in stillness for a few minutes and tune into your heart place for direction. It is possible to undertake each of these rituals on its own.

Sandra O’Brien: Releasing Hard Work for Harmony

An ex-litigation lawyer turned best-selling author, mentor, and healer, Sandra O’Brien now works in the healing arts. Her mission is to assist women recover their own power and alter their lives by reconnecting them with pieces of themselves that have been either repressed or ignored. In addition to being a contributing author to the best-selling book ‘Women Gone Wild,’ she is also the author of her own upcoming book, ‘Reclaim Your Crown,’ which will be released in the fall.

She is no stranger to the corporate world of long hours and ferocious competition, which is dominated by men. When Sandra’s 25-year marriage came to an end, she turned to antidepressants and embarked on a path of self-discovery and harmony as a result.

In the words of Clarissa Pinkola Estés, “The things that women regain are frequently themselves, their own ideals, their creativity, their clairvoyance, their tales, their old memories. ” We will find the bones if we go deeper, darker, and less well-known.”

Self-leadership becomes the driving force and basic demand for us to release today’s hard work as a Woman and deliberately choose to reclaim the feminine inside. “It’s crucial to comprehend and reconnect with the immense strength and potential of our feminine energy,” Sandra tells us. The two go hand-in-hand, and we should make use of and value both of them. A thoughtful approach may help restore balance to many parts of our lives, including our relationships, economic endeavours and educational pursuits as well as politics and the environment.

Her most important advice:

To tell whether anything is wrong with your body and mind is to listen to the signals your body and mind give forth. Listen with an open mind. Your life’s misalignment is a cue to take a step back and enjoy the bumpy but ultimately rewarding ride to harmony.

Female energy is characterised by a natural ability to flow with life’s natural rhythms; it is characterised by feelings of connection, intuition, cooperation and heart-centeredness. It’s a vital source of energy! “What does my heart want today?” is a question I ask myself every day. Taking a stroll in the woods, dancing to music, writing, or making something beautiful with flowers are all examples of ways to meditate. It’s a way for me to connect with the things that inspire me and dig into my emotions. First and foremost, I take care of myself so that I may best serve the world around me.

In the End

Today’s women have a great deal of difficulty embracing their feminine nature and feminine energy since they are in the process of transitioning. A more harmonious, powerful, and at-ease state of being may be achieved by letting go of what has been our default condition, which is perfectionism and people-pleasing via excessive hustling and the adoption of male frameworks.

Those that identify as “Spirit Junkies” and follow a more energetically connected lifestyle have a greater effect, inner satisfaction, and the potential to grow and receive more money. This is what we’re seeing.” That one thing we’d all want to see more of!

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