Sally Beauty’s COVID-19 crisis strategy that worked

Sally Beauty is a beauty-products retailer with over 5,000 locations in 17 countries. It may be found in Chile, Mexico, and Peru in Latin America…

By joining forces with VTEX to build their digital channel in January 2019, they entered the Chilean market by purchasing InterSalon in 2009. Today, they have 36 physical locations as well as flourishing e-commerce.

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It has been a success to work with VTEX, particularly during high-demand occasions like CyberMonday, CyberDay, and Black Friday. In addition to events, training, updates, and webinars, Romina Mitar, Sally Beauty’s e-commerce manager points out the local assistance and other resources that make managing the online business easier.

What did Sally Beauty accomplish during the covid 19 crisis?

We’ll get into the specifics of this tale, which has been formed by shifting consumer preferences.

Sally Beauty in COVID-19 was open for business 19 times.

When the Covid-19 crisis hit Chile, Sally Beauty was no exception, as the company witnessed a spike in sales but also had to deal with the logistical issues presented by the circumstance.

When compared to the previous year, sales at Sally Beauty increased by about 4,000 percent and 800 percent, respectively, as a result of a shift in client purchasing behavior. Finally, they shifted their comparison to the time of the economic downturn, and they saw a 15 percent boost in May sales over April.

The fact that 60% of Sally Beauty’s online consumers are new customers during the crisis is noteworthy. Because of the shift in the most lucrative sales categories, the average ticket price has also shifted.

When the situation returns to normal, they predict that e-commerce will account for at least 9% of the company’s revenues, based on the large volume of transactions they have seen.

It’s not just about increasing sales; it’s about being able to keep up with changes in customer behavior.

Customers’ perceptions of Sally Beauty have evolved.

The COVID-19 situation has resulted in increased sales for Sally Beauty, but it has also resulted in modifications to the consumer experience. If you’re looking for help doing your nails or hair at home, you can now get it from them over WhatsApp.

There have been successful campaigns featuring well-known companies, as well as night sales discounts and the Sally Sale, in terms of marketing and their influence.

Choosing VTEX as their e-commerce platform allowed them to achieve all of this because of the important choices they made while setting up their online shop, especially because of its scalability and flexibility.

During the COVID-19 era, Sally Beauty developed a well-organized logistics system.

There were issues with logistics for delivery orders because of the rise in online sales caused by the crisis. Due to the fact that delivery providers were taking as long as 15 days, Sally Beauty was forced to make significant choices.

For last-mile logistics, the company that distributes between stores was used, and the change was positive: in the Santiago Metropolitan Region, shipping time was reduced to two working days. This prompted them to innovate, and they began to use the company that distributes between stores for last-mile logistics. It is possible to use reverse logistics to resolve issues with delivered orders thanks to the firm currently in charge of orders. As a further perk for customers who spend above CHL 25,000, they have decided to give free delivery (USD 30).

Our expertise and cutting-edge technologies will help Sally Beauty thrive.

Sally Beauty’s online shop and relationship with VTEX have helped the company adapt to the emergency and changes in customer behaviour, which have contributed to a significant increase in online sales.

As seen by their choice to enhance delivery logistics, Sally Beauty is an excellent example of a firm that has effectively adapted to the circumstances, leveraging its digital channels for customer care.

Clearly, the firm exceeded expectations in the face of crisis because they made a smart technology choice by selecting an adaptable, scalable and strong platform, which in addition eased the interface with the company’s ERP.

Using VTEX, Sally Beauty had excellent results.

In order to meet the ever-changing difficulties of eCommerce, Sally Beauty’s digital channel is flourishing thanks to the collaborative efforts of VTEX and the agency.

Every month, the conversion rate of the sales and customer journey metrics rises. For example, they moved from 500 SKUs to more than 2,000 SKUs in only a few months as part of the changes they made to better their customer experience.

Another benefit that should not be overlooked is VTEX’s seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX, the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This has allowed the company to improve administrative and operational management in part because it allows for the creation of ERP promotions that are immediately available on the VTEX digital platform.

To learn from Sally Beauty, other retail businesses might look to their experience since crises force major adjustments in the business model that could affect their consumers’ experiences. In times of crisis, maintaining sales should be a top focus.

Sally Beauty is more equipped than ever to deal with circumstances like these in the future, given all that has transpired and the choices that have been taken.


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