Russia publishes an official list of states ‘unfriendly’ to it

The Russian government has issued a list of foreign countries that it considers to have engaged in “unfriendly measures” against “Russia, Russian enterprises, and Russian nationals,” according to the government.

“Australia, Albania, Andorra, the United Kingdom, including Jersey, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, the member states of the European Union, Iceland, Canada, Liechtenstein, Micronesia, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, the Republic of Korea, San Marino, North Macedonia, Singapore, the United States, Taiwan, Ukraine, Montenegro, Switzerland, and Japan” are among the countries, international organizations, and territories that are considered “unfriendly.”

A complementary piece of legislation passed on Sunday mandates that Russian residents and businesses seek special authorization before engaging in business with “unfriendly” foreign organizations.

Following a decree issued on Saturday by Russian President Vladamir Putin calling for “temporary economic measures to safeguard the financial stability of the Russian Federation,” the list was developed as part of a series of legislation to implement those measures.

One of the items on the list that was to be implemented was the legislation that permits Russian residents, businesses, and government entities to repay foreign creditors in rubles, which was included on the list.

While Israel has criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it was not included on the list of countries that have done so. Israel has assumed a mediating role in the situation, with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett traveling to Moscow on Saturday to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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