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Pongal 2023 Date in Telugu Calendar, in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu


Pongal 2023 is a festival of south Indians, and it is celebrated every year in the winter. Now we will be going to see the Pongal dates in Telugu Calendar in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu. If you want to know the dates, then keep reading the article.

Pongal 2023

The festival name was derived from the Tamil word Pongu. Pongal is celebrated by the south Indians, and it is a harvest festival. The Tamil community celebrates this festival to thank Sun, Mother Nature, and several farm animals that help to give us plentiful harvest. The Pongal Festival was celebrated over four days. The Tamil community believes that when the Pongal arrives, it is the beginning of Pongal Month, and they will call it Thai. For the Tamil Community, that month is very auspicious for them. Every year the Pongal Festival usually arrives on 14 or 15 January, and Pongal 2023 will be celebrated in January.

The Tamil community makes a dish at Pongal Festival, which is also called Pongal. It is a mixture of boiled, sweet rice. Which is the new harvest of rice boiled in milk with jaggery that they will make and eat later. As I told you above that, Pongal is celebrated over four days, so all four days have specific names Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, Maatu Pongal, and Kaanum Pongal.


Pongal Date in Telugu Calendar

As per the Telugu calendar, the Bhogi Pongal will be expected to be celebrated on 14 January or 15 January 2023. The first day of Pongal will be celebrated as Bhogi Pongal. The Tamil community celebrates the first day of Bhogi Pongal as they do cleaning and disown the old belongings and bring new things to the house. They make a fresh start, wear new clothes, and decorate their houses. Just like all Hindus celebrate Diwali.

Pongal Date in Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh, the Pongal is likely to be celebrated on 15 January 2023. On the second day of Pongal, the Tamil community celebrates it as Surya Pongal which is also called that it is the primary day. On that day, they worship Sun God; every Tamil family makes a colorful decorative pattern on the floor, which is called kolam. After that, they made the traditional dish at a favorable time. As the dish boils, all the family members happily shout loudly, “Pongalo Pongal.” Then they offer the dish to the God Sun. After, the whole family will have the food and several special dishes they made.

Pongal Date in Tamil Nadu

Pongal is celebrated by the Tamil community on the same day, and it is expected to be celebrated on 15 January 2023. On the third day of Pongal, that is, Maatu Pongal on that day the Tamil community worships the cattle for the work they do for us ploughing the land. On that day, they bathed the cow and graced her with multicolor beads, bells, and flower garlands. And on the fourth day, that is Kaanum Pongal, where all the families gather together and have meals. where children seek blessings from their elders.

Pongal Quotes

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