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Paradox Rapper Real Name, Hometown, Age, Biography, Songs


Paradox Rapper Real Name, Hometown, Age, Biography, Songs, and other facts are revealed here. Check the article now. Click here to know the Paradox Rapper Real Name.

Paradox Rapper Real Name

The mass is in search of the answer who the rising star named Paradox Rapper. The constant search for the name will end here. The real name of the Paradox Rapper is Tanishq Singh. The boy is a contestant in MTV Hustle Season 2.

Paradox Rapper Real Name is now revealed. The rapper is a hip-hop artist, who also writes lyrics. He came into the limelight after his performances at MTV Hustle Season 2. People liked his unique style and won many hearts with it.

Paradox Rapper Real Name

Paradox Hometown

Those who want to know where the boy is from. We shall tell you the boy belongs to Najabgadh. The place is a part of our capital Delhi. He learned to play guitar at the young age of 12. The boy has worked with the desi music company also.

The music remained with him since then. The boy keeps experimenting with beats and words in the time he gets. Paradox has also worked with Nepali Music Records. The boy shares his photos and videos on social handles.

Tanishq Singh Age

Tanishq is a 19-year-old wonderful stage performer. Singh gained much appreciation, name, and fame after the second season got telecasted. He knows to play guitar. The young talented boy is lining the dream of the various youngsters his age.

As he performed, Badshah who is judging MTV Hustle 2.0 stood and clapped for him. Tanishq Singh is a hip-hop musician. He has not been much involved in his studies due to his inclination towards his real passion Music.

Paradox Rapper Biography

The real name as shared above is Tanishq Singh. He likes to sing, rap, and write songs as well. The boy is just 19 years old and he performing very well.

He climbed to top fame through his solid performance at the MTV Hustle Season 2. Not much is known about the personal life of the boy. He has one sister.

The boy has gained thousands of followers on his social media with his performances.

He has a good rapport with other contestants on the show. The boy is a huge fan of Honey Singh and is inspired by him. His songs by him are also available on youtube.

Paradox Rapper Songs

We have listed all the songs sung and created by the very talented boy, Paradox Rapper. The boy has given many gems in his short duration on stage. We all have to keep watching the show to know will win the title this time.

Sr. No. Paradox Rapper Songs
1 BT Ho Gayi
2 Jaadugar
3 Itni Shakti
4 Rihaayi
5 Gang Wale Munde
6 Babam Bam
7 Cowboy
8 Glitch
9 Chhore NCR aale with MC Square

Those who want to know and see more about the Paradox Rapper then they can check the insta handle of the rapper. the insta handle is as ( The elimination round will share who is going out this time.

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