Save money on pet insurance by modifying your policy, purchasing while your pet is younger, paying yearly upfront, obtaining accident-only coverage, and looking around for the best deal. Despite your best efforts, you have yet to get pet insurance for your beloved dog or cat. It is possible to save money on pet insurance by … Read more

Russia publishes an official list of states ‘unfriendly’ to it

Russia publishes an official list of states 'unfriendly' to it

The Russian government has issued a list of foreign countries that it considers to have engaged in “unfriendly measures” against “Russia, Russian enterprises, and Russian nationals,” according to the government. “Australia, Albania, Andorra, the United Kingdom, including Jersey, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, the member states of the European Union, Iceland, Canada, Liechtenstein, Micronesia, … Read more

Can Putin be removed from power?

Can Putin be removed from power

In 2000, Vladimir Putin, an unknown who promised to restore order and wealth to a chaotic and poor post-soviet Russia, was elected president of Russia. President Trump’s original assumption was that he would leave the White House and return to regular life. However, he has already set up the circumstances that allow him to remain … Read more

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Law Enforcement Administration

Online Bachelor's Degree in Law Enforcement Administration

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the diversity and specialization of U.S. police forces has increased in the last few years. Departments are increasingly asking prospective candidates to have some college degree, according to the BJS. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement may pursue careers as police officers, correctional treatment specialists, and … Read more

Oil Rig Accident Attorney

Oil Rig Accident Attorney

The oil and gas industry in Texas has a long history of employing hundreds of thousands of people with specialized skills. All of these occupations have a significant risk of accidents, thus employers in San Antonio contract individuals to fill them. Workers in the oil and gas industry are exposed to a wide range of … Read more

Ukraine invasion: Petition for Finland to join Nato marks historic shift despite Russian threat

Ukraine Invasion

On Tuesday, Finnish MPs will discuss how to handle a petition asking for a referendum on Nato membership, after a survey revealed a historic shift in the country’s stance after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. An overnight Twitter post by Prime Minister Sanna Marin said that the next day’s scheduled parliamentary discussion will examine the situation … Read more

Sally Beauty’s COVID-19 crisis strategy that worked

Sally Beauty's COVID-19 crisis strategy that worked

Sally Beauty is a beauty-products retailer with over 5,000 locations in 17 countries. It may be found in Chile, Mexico, and Peru in Latin America… By joining forces with VTEX to build their digital channel in January 2019, they entered the Chilean market by purchasing InterSalon in 2009. Today, they have 36 physical locations as … Read more

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