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Man Chopped GF in 35 Pieces, News Update


Mehrauli Murder Case: Man Chopped GF in 35 Pieces, News Update is provided here. Read to know the whole horrific incident. Mehrauli Murder Case details are provided below.

Mehrauli Murder Case: Man Chopped GF in 35 Pieces

Yes, that is how low the human bar has gone. The inhumane act was done by a 28-year-old man. He killed his live-in -partner as she demanded to get married after she eloped to live with him. The man later chopped off her body in 35 pieces and bought a fridge to keep them.

Mehrauli Murder Case

He then secretly disposed of them in different parts of the Capital city. The incident was reported when the father became aware that her friends have no contact with her. Her father then filed a complaint about the kidnapping.

What really happened?

The two as per the Police, Aftab Ameen Poonawalla and Shraddha fall in love. They both started living as live-in partners. Girls’ parents disapproved of the relationship. They as per the news had a fight on 18th May when the Aftab committed the crime in response to Shraddha who then demanded to get married.

He then bought a fridge to store her body parts with a plan to throw the parts in the Mehrauli forest and other areas each night. The criminal used to step out of the flat at midnight to dispose of her live-in partner’s parts. The dreadful incident happened around 5 months ago.

They were living in a flat in Mehrauli. The girl was 26 years old and was working at a call centre for a big Multinational Company. They two met in Mumbai there. They got into a relationship and due to the disapproval of their parents regarding the duo, they shifted to Delhi. After they shifted to a rented flat Shraddha wasn’t responding to the calls from her family lately.

Mehrauli Murder News Update:

After researching the case we found that Aftab was arrested on the basis of the complaint filed by Shraddha’s father Vikas Madaan. When he failed to contact her daughter when he visited Delhi in early November. Then he went to the rented place they used to live. Vikas found the flat locked. After searching for her daughter, he filed a complaint of kidnapping.

Police arrested Aftab Ameen Poonawalla and during the investigation confessed that they were in a constant quarrel and what he did to her. The police have not yet found the murder weapon. They are looking for the body parts of the girl in the forest.

With the help of sound technologies, police were able to trace Aftab and arrested him on Saturday. He later confessed to the crime during the tough investigation. He starnsgle3d her throat and later chopped off her body into 35 parts. He is now in five-day police custody.

Swati Maliwal, Chairperson for the Delhi Commission for Women demanded punishment for the indicted.

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