Nikki Phillip is many things: a best-selling author, chief executive officer (CEO), loyal daughter and diligent single mother. But above and beyond her own personal successes, she is characterised by her drive to assist other people in pursuing and achieving their business goals.

Phillip’s mother was an entrepreneur who served as a role model for him from a young age. Because of her mother’s passion and endurance, she found herself becoming motivated as well. From a young age, Phillip learned the value of hard work via seeing her mother’s dedication to her company day after day. She recognised the many advantages of being a company owner, as well as the degree to which one’s career and life path may be brought under one’s own control in this manner. This is why she is so committed to assisting others in realising their business goals.

Lessons Learned from Real-Life Situations

The fact that Phillip has such strong business acumen is as much a product of her specialised schooling as it is a result of her ongoing propensity to perceive life’s difficulties as chances for progress. Her personal and professional lives have always been intertwined. She had a variety of personal and interpersonal difficulties throughout her childhood.

When Phillip’s mother sadly had a stroke that resulted in paralysis, he rose to the situation and helped her. As a junior in college, she took on the responsibility of caring for her mother and two siblings. While caring for her family, Phillip pursued a corporate job and established a small company in order to supplement her and her family’s financial situation.

A Life-Raft in the midst of a storm

Nicole has always stressed the importance of having one’s own company, and with good reason: it is a rewarding experience.

“I was put off without warning,” Phillip explains why he was let off. In addition, “having my own source of income that allowed me to make money on my own terms was really beneficial.”

For her, company ownership has proved to be a reliable source of financial security, one that she can control and that she can pursue on her own terms rather than those dictated by others.

Phillip eventually returned to her previous corporate position. Despite this, there was something off about returning to the corporate world after having earned her own money via personal enterprises. It simply seemed hollow to her after having spent so much time in the private sector. It was at this moment that she became uncomfortable since she was no longer living with a sense of direction. This is one of the reasons Phillip quit the corporate sector, passing down a substantial salary in order to pursue her own entrepreneurial ambitions.


In Philipp’s professional life, her family has always been a significant part of what pushes her to do her best work. Whether it was providing for her mother and two brothers in her childhood or guaranteeing a secure future for her kid, Phillip’s motivation has always sprung from a desire to make a difference in her community. Business ownership and mentoring others to achieve the same is a source of spiritual pleasure for her, rather than only financial gain for them.

Phillip hopes to utilise her expertise and experience to help reduce some of the hurdles to company ownership that many people have, to use her own experience to level the playing field, and to assist others in achieving the financial security that she believes they are capable of achieving.

Taking a Whole-Body Approach

Successful business is not achieved in a vacuum, as Phillip and those with whom she consults on brand strategy through her company, ‘Behind the Brand,’ have discovered. Instead, success is intrinsically linked to all other significant aspects of one’s life: from physical health and well-being to mental hygiene, faith, and personal support, a successful business journey outward is as much an inward journey. Finding a balance between these many factors, which are not often connected with business but are just as important as a good portfolio when it comes to creating long-lasting and happy company operations, is the key, according to her.

“Health is really essential,” Phillip said. In order to maintain your mental health, you must surround yourself with the appropriate people. This includes being able to communicate your objectives with someone and having them encourage rather than discourage you.

A refreshingly inward-looking perspective is used throughout. The concept of one’s “self” is seen to be as much a component of one’s job as the actual company itself. Unlike the conventional wisdom that success is achieved by self-sacrifice, the documentary ‘Behind the Brand’ changes the narrative. It prioritises one’s personal life and well-being above everything else while taking a clear and structured approach to doing business with others.

Working with Authenticity and Accepting Diverse Points of View

“Create brands that inspire,” is Phillip’s company philosophy, according to her. An even cursory look into her past and work in the development of her creative advertising business reveals how inspiration plays a critical part in all she does. She feels that passion is the true fuel for long-term success, and her enthusiasm for assisting people is evident in everything she does in her life.

Currently, the businesswoman in today’s society faces a slew of challenges in an environment dominated by men. Phillip, on the other hand, is sure that expressing and enjoying one’s individuality is the most real method to accomplish success rather than trying to conform into a predetermined pattern.

Phillip is a firm believer in the need of sharing the rewards of success with others—from access to seasoned experts to customized help and tools that are not normally accessible to people who are just getting their feet under the table as entrepreneurs. What makes ‘Behind the Brand’ so appealing is that it aims to bridge the gap between one’s idea and their ability to bring it to fruition. It is not an easy undertaking to start a company. The good news is that with the assistance and advice of someone like Nicole Phillip, there is no need to be discouraged: success is about you, rather than against you.

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