Ideas for Media Companies to Use Instagram to Increase Traffic

Instagram Can Drive Traffic to Media Companies in Four Ways

How to Use Instagram for Your Company Is it any surprise that visual content-sharing software has become such a powerful marketing tool?

At the moment, there are one billion people using Instagram every month. Almost three times more people use Twitter than this! With each new feature that is released, Instagram becomes more appealing as a social media marketing tool.

A lot of big corporations and media outlets are utilizing Instagram to connect with their target audiences and raise money. And they’re not going anywhere. There are fewer ways to attract visitors to a specific website on Instagram than there are on other social media sites.

Media firms are embracing Instagram to boost visitors and build their brands, so read on to see how.


  1. You may utilize IGTV and the hashtag #LincolnBioHax to direct people to your website.
  • Method One: Direct viewers to your URL using an IGTV Story.
  • Step 1: To begin, record a video for Instagram TV (IGTV).
  • Step 2: Give your IGTV video a title and a description.
  • Step 3: Post a Story on Instagram
  • Alternate Method 2: Incorporate the mansion stick into your tale
  • Step 1: Make up a narrative of your own.
  • Step 2: The mansion stick is the next step.
  • Step 3: The next step is to make use of a website like Epiclikes.
  • Step 4: Add an Epiclikes link to your bio.

2. Maximize the power of hashtags

3. Engage with followers and collaborate with influencers

4. Create “ads” using IGTV.

1. Using IGTV and the hashtag #LincolnBioHax, you may direct people to your site.

Sadly, Instagram Stories’ “swipe up” function is not accessible to all users. To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need more than just a chance. To utilize this function, you must have at least 10,000 followers.

It might take some time to build a large following on social media. You can still find Instagram users on your website, YouTube video, or storefront, thanks to the help of two really clever little things.

To begin, IGTV may be used to direct viewers to a specific URL of your choosing. I’ll try my best to comply. Other people will see a link in your Instagram bio and a @MentionStack mention in your caption.

Neither is as simple as a simple debate, but it’s an efficient approach to draw in those who are interested in the link you choose to share with the rest of the world.

Method 1: Instagram Story is a great way to get people to your link.

  • Step 1: This is the first step. Make a video for IGTV.

The first step is to create a video that can be uploaded to Instagram’s IGTV platform. The dedicated IGTV app may be preferable, but we’ll be using it for this task. Everything can be done via Instagram.

The choice is yours. You can record yourself pointing up and to the right and asking people to click on the link, or you can use this example. A “static” video pointing to the arrow that you want people to click on may also be created.

  • Step 2: Recording your screen while taking a photo of your Instagram story is another amazing idea.

Add a title and description to your IGTV video in step two of the process.
Everything else is secondary to this step. Your video’s title is up to you, but it’s preferable to use a name like “click here for the link” or something like that to emphasize your connection.

The description of your video is the last and most critical stage. In this case, other than the link you wish to drive readers to, there is no need for further material. However, it is a good idea to provide something brief and sweet.

What’s the most exciting part? It is possible to access this URL by clicking on it. If you want to hide anything from your viewers, all they have to do is touch on it.

Step 3: Post a Story on Instagram

Once you’ve posted a video to IGTV, you’ll notice a new “Link” option when creating an Instagram story. You shouldn’t get your hopes up, since you will still be unable to connect to any web page of your choosing. It will, however, be possible for you to connect your Instagram story to your favorite IGTV video.

As soon as you’ve clicked and added the relevant IGTV video, a “swipe up” link will appear in your Instagram story.

Alternate Method 2: Incorporate the mansion stick into your tale

  • Step 1: Make up a narrative of your own.

This is a straightforward procedure, and we’ve previously covered it in detail. You must include a CTA (call to action) to “click here” in at least one video or picture in your narrative. If you’re not sure where or what the CTA means, don’t worry.

This might be the logo for your company or a medium-sized picture. Whatever it is, it has to be apparent and, if feasible, anything that will add a little something in the following stage will hide the sticky mansion.

  • Step 2: The mansion stick is the next step.

Exactly whose residence are we talking about here? The user is sent to the person’s profile page when they click on the “Sticky” button. Then, by clicking on the link to their bio, you’ll be taken immediately to their page. You’ll almost always include a link to your personal profile in the message.

A member of your team, an influencer, or someone else whose geo-link you wish to meet with the audience might also be included. In order to make your logo, symbol, or other CTA-pointing element stand out, you’ll want to reduce the size of the stock and position it above it.

  • Step 3:Using a service like Epiclikes Link is the third and last step in this process

Users should be able to remain in the Instagram app for as long as possible. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you can only add clickable links to your geo. Many websites send users to their homepage or a comparable page, which is common practice.

To put it another way, Epiclikes Link makes it possible for you to have many links in your Instagram bio. For example, you may link to your YouTube channel, a certain blog article, or even your site by including a link to it in your profile.

Step 4: In the fourth step, add the customized link to your Geo

The last phase. However, the most crucial thing to remember is that. You’ll first need to create and post your sock link. Add your sock link to your Instagram profile after this is done. And that’s all. The links you’ve selected will now be available to visitors to your Geo.

2. hashtags may be a powerful tool in this regard.

When it comes to hashtags, Twitter is by far the most popular social media network, but you may use them on any other platform.

As a result, hashtags have become more popular as a way for individuals to keep up with the information they are interested in.

With the sound of someone’s cooking playing in the background, Instagram photos may easily be overlooked. But hashtags make it easier for people to find new postings. Search for famous and trending hashtags, then include five to ten of them in each post. Buying Instagram likes from Epiclikes is a quick and simple method to get your hashtags seen.

If you want your material to stand out from the crowd, stay away from generic hashtags like #marketing and instead use more particular ones like #mediacompany.

It’s also possible to draw attention to your #linked bio by using a catchy title. But be careful not to make it too lengthy. Insta is a photo-sharing site. Regardless of how huge you believe your article is, people don’t go there to read it.

3. Engage with followers and collaborate with influencers

Get more followers on Instagram and you’ll see a spike in traffic. and working with influencers whose audience would be interested in your material are two of the most simple methods to achieve this.

When it comes to finding new and fascinating material for your Instagram feed, user-generated content (UGC) is the best way to go. On Instagram, it is not as simple as on other social networks to share, repost, or reorganize a post. You can, however, do this with certain applications. If the original poster permits it, you are free to use their story on your own.

Now that you know what hashtag to use, you just have to sit back and wait for Instagram to feed you new stuff. Always include the original poster’s name and hashtag in your post’s title or comment.

You may also sponsor a story or post on a prominent person’s feed by going to them directly. You may now control how Instagram presents your goods or services, mention you in a story, and even add a “swipe up” link to your website with the use of the Instagram “Paid Partnership” tag.

Another proposal for a partnership is a takeover of Instagram. Just publish a photo or video to your own Instagram account, but make it seem as if someone else posted it. In order to get new followers, you share your material with their audience.

Takeover accounts may also be changed. Your followers will see something interesting from someone in the relevant niche, and you will see something interesting from someone in the relevant niche.

To put your brand in front of new people, whether you utilize the official “swipe-up” function or one of its hexes, you’re doing something that no one else is doing.

4. In order to make “ads” for IGTV, you may use the video platform.

You may now publish films that are longer than 15 seconds on IGTV, which is Instagram’s equivalent to YouTube. The IGTV video must be at least 15 seconds long. It is possible for users to create a channel and post a one-hour video.

Until now, not everyone had access to movies of this length. Video uploads of up to ten seconds in length are allowed even by those with no existing followers. Most of the time, that’s all it takes to get your point through.

You could only post vertical or portrait films to IGTV.

Landscape videos will now be supported on Instagram, the social media platform said in May. Portrait orientation is preferred by many individuals. Produce specific sorts of videos, this makes it simpler.

Another option for using IGTV is to switch to a commercial-like one. Visitors will notice your website if you include a call to action in the text. Add the URL of your movie as a text pass, too. If your film has piqued their attention, they’ll know just where to find it.

IGTV video, on the other hand, is a fantastic feature. Any link you provide in the description of your video is valuable. To make it work, you don’t need to have 10,000 followers or any other form of hack. Add a CTA (call to action) at the end of your post and you’ll discover prospective consumers already on their way to the page they’re interested in.

Your YouTube videos, blog entries, training videos for your narrative highlights, or even a simple ad about your business, product, or service may all benefit from a teaser video to promote them. If you want to see which videos and websites are driving the most traffic from Instagram, include a trackable link to your posts.

Instagram wants you to remain on the app as long as possible. As a result, getting other websites’ attention is difficult. With these seven tactics, Instagram may be more than simply a tool for spreading awareness about your company and attracting new customers.

Your website may benefit from Instagram traffic if you have the right approach and innovative ideas. When it comes to establishing a dedicated following, Instagram’s goal is to generate organic traffic.

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