How to Review land Records and Property Paperwork, According to MP Bhulekh

If you own land in Madhya Pradesh, finding land records and documents will be simple, as the state government has launched an online land record portal, Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh, as part of the Digital India initiative, where you can search for and access all land documents, maps, and reports for loan purposes. The MP Bhulekh website makes it easy for buyers and sellers to find historical paperwork and complete transactions in a timely and efficient manner.

What is MP Bhulekh?

MP Bhulekh is a database on land rights, land owners, and ownership patterns, as well as the productive potential of all land in Madhya Pradesh. Users can go to the MP Bhulekh website to get any of the information given above.

Land record for the MP: On the MP Bhulekh portal, you may get information.

The landowner can use the MP Bhulekh portal to get access to:

  • Khasra
  • Khatuni
  • Record of rights
  • Bhunaksha MP
  • Diversion intimation
  • Collection payments

How can I watch Khasra/B-1 in MP Bhulekh Online?

Step 1:  Go to the MP Bhulekh Online Portal and click on ‘Search’.

  Step 2 : Click on Khasra/Khatauni. A new page will open. 

Step 3: From the drop-down option, select the district, tehsil, and village. On the MP Bhulekh portal, you can now search the records using three filters: land owner’s name, Khasra number, or plot number. After you’ve completed the captcha, the results will appear on your screen.

How can i downloading a copy of Khasra/B-1 from MP Bhulekh Online?

Step 1: Go to the MP Bhulekh Online Portal and create a public user account.

Step 2: Complete all of the essential fields. Select ‘Online Application’ from the left menu.

Step 3: Select the ‘Khasra/Khatauni/B1 download’ option in this step.

Step 4: Select the district, the tehsil, the patwari, and the village from the drop-down menu. You can use the filter to look for a document by the owner’s name or by the Khasra number.

Step 5: Complete the payment process and submit the application. After you make the payment, a copy of the downloadable and non-specimen copy will appear on your screen.

How can i filing a complaint on the MP Bhu-Abhilekh Online Portal?

For any issues relating to property papers or to correct the details included in the document, you can make a complaint online on the MP land record / Bhulekh portal. Follow these steps one by one:

Step 1: Visit the MP Bhulekh Online Portal (click here) and click on Grievance

 Step 2: A new page will appear after being redirected. Fill the details as asked, which includes:

  • Complainant’s name
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID (optional)
  • Application type
  • District and tehsil
  • Village and khasra number
  • Complaint statement and address.

Your mobile number will be verified once the above details are filled. Submit the application on the MP land record website.

How can i complain against MP Bhulekh?

Visit tZillaficial MP land record online and select the ‘Grievance’ option to track the status of your complaint or proposal.

Choose the ‘complaint/ suggestion track’ option from the left-hand menu. Click on ‘Search’ after entering the phone number or complaint number.

How to access reports on MP Bhulekh’s land record ?

Click on the ‘Reports’ option on the official MP Bhulekh portal. You’ll be able to access a variety of reports. Select any option that meets your needs.

On the following page, you must select the date, year, or information as specified on the page before proceeding to view the report.

How can I check property-related documents online in MP Bhulekh?

By following the steps outlined below, you can check the paperwork linked to your property in MP Bhulekh Online:

  • Visit MP Bhulekh’s official website.
  • From the menu, select the ‘Free Services’ tab.
  • Choose between Khasra, B1, or Map as your selection.
  • Fill in the required information, such as the zilla, village, and tehsil, as needed.
  • Choose from the list the option that corresponds to the name of the document you want to examine, such as khata number, khasra number, and so on.
  • Then press the ‘Submit’ button.

Following the submission of the form, the document you want to see will appear on your screen.

What is the process of track my request or transaction?

To track the status of a request or a transaction, simply follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to the MP Bhulekh’s official webpage.
  • From the home page, select ‘Track Status.’
  • In the designated field, type the acknowledgement number.
  • View the status by clicking the ‘Submit’ button.

What is the process for e-filing my taxes?

You can register for e-filing of income taxes by following the steps outlined below:

  • Visit Income Tax India’s official internet portal.
  • From the list of options available, choose the ‘User Type’ that applies to you.
  • A few facts, such as your complete name, PAN, date of birth, residency status, and so on, will be requested.
  • Fill out the registration form with your personal information, such as your address, phone number, and so on.
  • Submit the form and double-check it with the OTP confirmation that will be emailed to your registered email address.
  • You will be registered for e-filing your taxes after your submission has been validated. After that, you’ll be able to log in to the portal and file your IT returns using your login credentials.



MP Bhulekh helpline number

Users can reach out to the Madhya Pradesh Land Record and Settlement office, in case of any complaints or help:

Toll-Free number: 1800 233 6763

Email: [email protected]

Address: Commissioner Land Records & Settlement, Moti Mahal, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh-474004.

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