If you are acquainted with Human Design, you may have already had the opportunity to appreciate its fundamental beauty. This personality profile technique extends beyond the individual and into the aura, as well as into your cosmic energy blueprint. In layman’s terms, this is simply licence to be yourself without being judged.

When individuals first learn about Human Design, they are often taken aback and feel some type of shock. Finally, it is important to understand who you are and particularly HOW you are working, as well as why certain things don’t work for you.

Personally, the most eye-opening experience was seeing why some marketing methods failed miserably in my coaching company. I finally realised why, despite working with excellent trainers, I was unable to achieve long-term gains, and was left feeling resentful and angry, with little motivation to get myself back on track.

Human Design served as a compass, indicating to me that, despite my wish to go “North,” these tactics had been driving me “South” all of these years. It wasn’t because they were in the wrong either. Their general orientation was always “South,” and it was in this manner that they gained attention and achieved success. The only distinction was that their “way” was not the same as MY way. It is important to me that I be able to do things my way, in a manner that is simple, sustainable, and lucrative, while yet enabling me to show up in complete honesty — according to my own vision and without pretending to be someone or something I am not.

This is a sentiment that I believe most solopreneurs are all too acquainted with. Since the early 2000s, I have been effectively strategizing and assisting companies of all sizes and from all walks of life in order to establish magnetic online exposure. However, when it came to advertising my own company, things were a little different. They were much too intimate, and the shortcut to the kind of empowerment that would allow me to unleash my actual brilliance in selling myself was noticeably absent..

To the rest of the world, I seemed to be extremely consistent, consistently creating meaningful material and helping programmes around organic marketing on Facebook, and I was. I felt like a fake on the inside since my personal successes did not measure up to the outcomes of others I was leading to achieve their goals.

One of my Gates had a straightforward solution to the problem of human design. Rather than DOING, I was there in order to GUIDE, and I am not required to demonstrate outcomes that are comparable to those that my clients accomplish, since my gift is in seeing and understanding the OTHER. When it comes to applying it to myself, I’m not so sure.

The sense of relaxation I felt as a result of this was immense.

Take a look at each narrative; there is always a hero and a knowledgeable advisor to help them along the way. The guide does not assist the hero in slaying the dragon, but he does provide instructions on how to accomplish it.

If you were born to be that wise guide, but you strive to be a hero instead, there is a good likelihood that you will be unsuccessful. The dragon will take a big breath and burn you to ashes in an instant. Because you have the necessary information, but you were not intended to put that knowledge into practise. It was intended for someone else to be in charge of putting your approach into action.

And when I looked at each and every successful customer I directed, it was brutally obvious that they were lost if they didn’t work with me, but with my advice, they took that step and produced tremendous outcomes.

That was one of the ways in which Human Design assisted me in embodying my mission, my role in life, and my role in business. I knew intuitively (I am a Splenic Projector) that I was meant to be here to educate, mentor, strategize, and organise from the beginning. I was always excellent at training others, and I was as adept at mentoring those who were facing tough circumstances.

But I am also a down-to-earth person. I accept that I am more driven when there is a monetary reward associated with my passion; this was another Human Design revelation that helped me to be at ease with the fact that I am motivated by money. In the coaching industry, there is a minor dichotomy: one half of the coaching world yells about 20K months, while the other half claims it is not about money, but rather about helping people and being of service to the community. For the most part, I find the coaching profession to be incredibly loud, full of contradicting messages, and difficult to navigate, and this is not only true for newcomers.

And here is another Human Design victory: it enabled me to entirely cease getting carried away with the idea of finding solutions to my issues somewhere else than inside myself. I honestly think that no one is born damaged, and that we are all here born (and bearing the cosmic imprint) of being perfectly aligned with our human lives and experiences, and that we are all here born in perfect harmony with each other. We are nonetheless accidentally driven out of this alignment by our parents, schools, and society — all with the best of intentions, no doubt – and as a result suffer the most catastrophic effects.

For whatever reason, we hold onto beliefs that are not true for us. We keep our talents hidden, but we genuinely shine only when we choose to come up and speak about ourselves in an open and honest manner.

We feel that we must work “hard” yet in reality, not all of us are meant to really DO the job. Some people are born to originate ideas, while others (such as myself) are created to lead the doing.

Everything in marketing revolves on empowering people and organisations.

When you publish content for social media, blog, or send an email to your list, it is the confidence in your voice that counts.

Create an aligned offer and then realise how transforming it is for both your customers and yourself is the exhilarating exaltation you experience.

It is the simplicity with which sales interactions can be conducted when your content has done all of the preselling for you, and you do not need to overcome objections or use any hard persuasion methods, and you can actually have a human chat to determine if the vibe is appropriate.

Your Human Design Chart contains the keys to effectively explaining your mission, your unique selling point, and how you are different from the thousands of rivals out there in the marketplace. In addition, it seems natural since you did not have to come up with anything that sounds catchy but is weird to the touch.

Furthermore, it makes establishing a Personal Brand — the most effective marketing technique – simple! (Take, for example, Gary Vee!) You do not need to become Gary Vee; you are perfect just the way you are; however, owning that right and embodying your design is when your brand voice becomes magnetic, your sales funnels are filled with the right people (both for your offer and for you), with people who get results from working with you, who rave about you to their own friends and followers, and who help spread the word about your programmes….

In other words, you have the opportunity to promote yourself in a manner that makes you feel like you are genuinely SEEN, and you get the attention you deserve, as well as the possibilities and doors that open up for you without any effort. Isn’t it incredible?

And this is what a dash of Human Design can do for your company and your personal life, respectively. You may begin by putting together your human design diagram (there are several great places online, I prefer for their simplicity). Alternatively, you may get in touch with me and we can look into it together.

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