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Gujarat Exit Poll 2022 Congress, AAP, BJP Win Prediction, Opinion


Gujarat Exit Poll 2022 Congress, AAP, BJP Win Prediction, Opinion and sharing towards which party the mass is inclining. Check all in the article. Gujarat Exit Poll is being showed by the many of Indian TV channels we are here summarizing them for you.

Gujarat Exit Poll 2022

As the Vibrant Gujarat has successfully concluded the Assembly elections. We are here sharing the Exit Poll of the state. There were three major party in the preference list to the masses. Let’s us check who all were able to charm the Aam Janta this time.

The state went to the polls to cast votes on 1st and 5th of December. The leading parties hoping to be the party with majority votes are Congress, AAP and BJP. Now we are looking at each party chance as per the Gujarat Exit Poll 2022.

Gujarat Exit Poll

Gujarat Exit Poll: Congress 2022

The party that ruled the nation since we got freedom is now somewhere not that close to the mass. The Congress party is expected to be getting the least votes of all the parties.

The Gujarat Exit Poll 2022 result will be shared by the Election Commissioner on 8th December as scheduled. The chances of Congress winning this time elections are less. As for the news we are getting from various channels.

The difference between votes BJP received was huge in compared to what Congress was able to collect. The voting turnout in the first phase was 60% which was contested for 89 seats for the 19 districts present in southern area of Gujarat.

Guj Poll AAP Win Prediction 2022

In the second phase of Gujarat polls there were 93 seats to 833 candidates. With winning 92 seats in Punjab, its hopes are high and is sure of getting some if not all seats in Gujarat.

AAP is contesting elections against BJP in Gujarat for the first time let’s see where see will it win in its debut. Earlier Congress and BJP were the only were the only two parties that were in the field to win majority.

The AAP party leader & Delhi’s CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal in a promotional event stated that they will the elections, their party will win the majority, I declare it today. up is very keen to win the Gujarat’s assembly seats, as it failed in Uttarakhand and UP. The party Is not much hopeful for the Himachal Pradesh elections as well.

Guj Poll BJP Win Prediction 2022

As the news is being shared, BJP might be winning more seats than AAP of total 182 seats. The party which has full support of the people of Gujarat is Bhartiya Janta Party as we can see from the previous elections.

Multiple channels are showing the stats of the Gujarat Exit Poll. The TV channels like News Nation NDTV, Aaj Tak, etc. are trying to get the nerves of the audience.

With increasing supporters of our PM, Gujarat might get the conventional BJP again. Gujarat poll for BJP win is predicted as per the data the sources have received.

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Gujarat Exit Poll Opinion 2022

The Gujarat Exit Poll opinions are shared by the different news channel. They have asked the people coming out of the polling booth regarding to who according to them have the maximum chance of winning. Will the people take risk to try the other party, or they are going to stick with the old one. We will only get the answers and the true results are 8th of December by ECI.

If Congress loses in Gujarat, it will not have any more chance in future. where if AAP party is going is winning the Gujarat elections it might have the chance to become national Party someday. The win of BJP will lead the nation to single party dominance in coming years.

Let’s hear you all in the comments section, tell us who according to you is going to win Gujarat assembly elections on 8th Dec 2022.

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