Gudang Movies: Gudangmoviesku, Nonton Movie Film Streaming Online

Watching movies is indeed the best choice that many people make to get rid of boredom. Especially during a pandemic where the public is required to stay at home, the option of watching movies is something that many people do. To watch this film, of course, a reference is needed where to watch the movie. Fortunately, with today’s internet technology, we can get some references where to watch streaming movies. You can get one of the best references to watch the film on the Gudang movies site. Then what is this Gudang movie site like? Here’s the review.

Complete and Up To Date

Gudang Movie is one of the sites that present the most complete and up-to-date movie collection. Many even say that this Gudang movie is a platform that can offer the most comprehensive film collection compared to other sites. Here we can get the latest foreign and Indonesian feature films. Besides cinema films, you can also get popular television series such as The World of the Married. In general, this Gudang movie has thousands of films with various genres such as action, drama, horror, comedy, and others.

Can Stream or Download

On this Gudang movie site, you can watch the desired movie directly or stream it. But if you feel less comfortable watching streaming, you can watch it indirectly or by downloading it first. The download feature in this Gudang movie can indeed allow you to observe without buffering problems after downloading it first. Interestingly, you don’t have to pay a penny, or it’s free whether you watch it streaming or download it.

There are Video Quality Options

The film in this Gudang movie itself also presents several qualities that you can choose from. The choice of video or movie quality in this Gudang movie is from 720p to 2k. Of course, if you want to watch movies with the best quality, you need to watch or download the best video quality, which is 2k. But if you feel you don’t have a large quota to watch or download, you have to choose low video quality.

Other Interesting Things in the Gudang Movie

Interestingly, in this Gudang movie, you can watch movies comfortably without annoying advertisements. So what about the subtitles? Don’t worry. This Gudang movie also provides full subtitles for all foreign language films owned. To find the film you want yourself, you can search the categories on the Gudang movies site.

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That’s some information about gudang movies sites that you can use as a reference for watching movies during the Covid-19 pandemic. But, of course, with the complete film presented by this gudang movies site, you will not feel bored and bored again while you are at home. But to have a bright future, don’t just watch movies all the time. But it would help if you also thought about how to stay financially healthy in the future and make an investment. And the best and most profitable investment for you to do in this regard is a mutual fund investment with Bibit.

gudang movies
gudang movies

Today’s development makes it easier for people to watch movies because many streaming sites provide movie titles, including gudang movies, indoxxi, and LK21. But unfortunately, not all popular streaming sites are safe and legal. For example, gudang movies, Layarkaca21, and Indoxxi are streaming sites that are considered illegal.

Therefore, the existence of these sites is considered dangerous and often disappears. HopsID will recommend legal places that guarantee safe and smooth watching of movies in exchange for these illegal sites. Anything? Check out the following reviews.

Netflix (Replacement for movie repository)

The best-recommended movie streaming site is Netflix. The Netflix site and app offer a wide variety of movies, from local to international. The subtitles provided on this site also vary, including Indonesia. This site is paid and requires users to subscribe. Click here to watch the best movies on Netflix.


The Iflix streaming site provides a variety of movie titles that are quite complete, ranging from the old to the latest and ongoing—starting from local to foreign. This service asks users to subscribe first so that viewers can watch the full content. But don’t worry, there are some movies that you can enjoy for free. To watch on the Iflix website, click here.

WeTV, Alternative gudang movies

Like the Iflix application and website, the WeTV streaming service also provides a vast collection of movies for free. If the audience does not want a lot of advertisements during the excitement of watching movies and can enjoy all the groups of films on WeTV, the audience must subscribe first. For more details, click here.

TV stro

The Stro TV site is still relatively new in Indonesia. However, the films provided on this site also vary, including the subtitles. Therefore, this service asks users to subscribe first before watching the various available movie titles. Visit the streaming site to watch Indonesian films on Stro TV here.

Disney+ Hotstar

The recommended replacement for the Gudang movies site is Disney+ Hotstar. This streaming site and movie watching application provide a variety of films, from local to foreign. To enjoy this service, users must subscribe first and pay around IDR 39 thousand per month. Click here to watch movies on Disney+ Hotstar.

Online Cinema

The streaming site and the Online Cinema application are a movie-watching service that is quite popular among the people of Indonesia. With Online Cinema, users can buy tickets to watch movies starting at IDR 5,000. Click here for more details.

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