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Delhi MCD Election 2022 AAP, BJP, Congress Candidate List & Prediction


Delhi MCD Election 2022 AAP, BJP, Congress Candidate List & Prediction is provided here. Read the article to know the latest updates. Delhi MCD Election 2022 will be on the fourth of December, a public holiday will be observed to encourage voting.

Delhi MCD Election 2022

The Delhi MCD election is going to be held for the local administration. The elections will be held for the 250 wards of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). The election dates are announced to be held on 4th December 2022. The last date to nominate is 14th November 2022.

The counting will be done by the returning Officer of the regions. The date of counting the casted votes is 7th December after the fair conduction of elections in Delhi. The three major parties that are going to participate in contesting the elections are BJP, AAP and Congress.

Delhi MCD Election

Delhi MCD AAP Candidates 2022

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is coming strong with 60 women out of 134 contenders on the list. The party has promised various things to the locals to be fulfilled after they win. The party is calling out the acts of opponents and has started a campaign among the people.

AAP released the candidates’ list yesterday announcing who is going to contest the election. The list of 134 candidates is submitted by the AAP officials. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal shared the party manifesto as well on Friday.

Delhi MCD BJP Candidates 2022

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will see major parties of India fight to win seats. The list is expected to be announced by Bhartiya Janta Party today. As the news is coming the meetings were held this week regarding the candidates.

Update: BJP has announced the list of MCD Election candidates on 12th of November Evening.

The party will decide and share who is going to contest the election for each ward. BJP will introduce new faces to people for the elections at Municipal Corporation.

Delhi MCD Congress Candidates 2022

The Congress party is likely to release its list regarding who all going to contest elections. As sourced, a meeting regarding the election candidates was held on Friday which included State President Anil Chaudhary. In this meeting, Avinash Pandey along and Dr Ajoy Kumar also joined.

The meeting will surely result in the release of the candidates for the election in Delhi, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

Delhi Local Elections Candidate List

There is a sudden upsurge regarding the party manifesto and promises made as the Delhi Elections are going to be conducted next month. The parties are trying all tricks to grab more and more seats. The list of candidates is released by AAP.

The parties are bringing star campaigners to gain more and more voters towards themselves. The Delhi Local Elections Candidate List can be checked on the MCD page. The list is released by AAP, the other parties will soon share.

Delhi MCD Election Prediction 2022

The Delhi election for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) was delayed already. The delay was caused due to the administrative decision to merge the 3 corporations of Delhi into one. The elections for MCD are going to witness a tug-of-war between the parties. Delhi has a complete vote count of 1,46,73,847. The parties are required to tap the votes by strong points.

As we can already see the two parties calling out and fault-picking each other on various issues. They are trying to build their image and at the same time distancing the other party to win. The parties have the probability of winning quite equally. Though, the decision will soon be seen in the voting results in the next months. Till then we shall hope for the betterment of the capital with the parties one-upping each other.

Do not forget to cast your vote to support deserving candidates as per your wits. The candidates are required to check their names in the voting list by entering their Voter ID.

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