Can Putin be removed from power?

In 2000, Vladimir Putin, an unknown who promised to restore order and wealth to a chaotic and poor post-soviet Russia, was elected president of Russia. President Trump’s original assumption was that he would leave the White House and return to regular life. However, he has already set up the circumstances that allow him to remain in office until at least 2036.

Even if Putin wanted to quit, he has created conditions that make it impossible for him to do so. Those were his words before he authorized Russian forces to invade Ukraine, a violation of international law for which he might be held accountable for war crimes.

Is it possible for Putin to be removed from office?

Yes, Vladimir Putin might theoretically be impeached. According to Christopher Tremoglie, a former resident of Russia who has researched the country’s constitution, Russia’s Articles 92 and 93 of Chapter 4 layout the procedures for impeaching a president. A “high treason or similar grave crime” prosecution against Putin would be necessary for the process to work.

Once they’re approved by Russia’s Supreme Court and State Duma parliamentary body of the Russian Federation, charges may be brought against the accused. The Council of the Federation, Russia’s upper house of parliament, would then have to determine whether or not to impeach President Putin. In order to avoid losing the charges, impeachment must be completed within three months.

Putin’s impeachment isn’t as unlikely as it first seems.

Even with all of Putin’s attempts to cement his hold on power, it doesn’t seem like this is likely to happen anytime soon. In spite of this, Tremoglie believes that “such a situation could not be as far away as originally assumed.”

He cites the anti-war rallies that have been taking place throughout Russia since the invasion began. Many protestors took to the streets despite the usual heavy-handed reaction to protests and prosecutors’ threats of possible criminal charges, which they claim would have long-term ramifications. The protests drew in even a Communist Party delegate to the Russian parliament, the State Duma.

Since the demonstrations began, police have detained up to 6,000 people, including children, in an effort to disperse them. Putin’s dictatorial tendencies, according to Tremoglie, make impeachment more likely.

One of Putin’s main pillars of support, the Russian billionaires, may also be showing signs of weakness. Two of them didn’t oppose the invasion but instead called for a halt to the conflict. In a message to employees, Mikhail Fridman described the crisis as a “tragedy” for both countries, while Oleg Deripaska appealed for peace negotiations “as quickly as feasible.”

How popular is Putin in Russia?

Nearly 40 percent of those polled in December 2021 said they didn’t believe conflict with Ukraine was a genuine threat in the months leading up to the invasion. Even if his popularity has risen due to his military exploits in the past, this hasn’t translated into long-term favorable views of the Russian leader.

Almost all resistance to Putin’s leadership has been wiped out. Aleksei Navalny’s groups were declared “extremist” by a Russian court in the run-up to last fall’s parliamentary elections. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has accused Vladimir Putin and others linked to the Kremlin of plotting to assassinate him.

When he was exposed to a nerve agent in September of 2020, he had to be airlifted to Germany. On his return to Russia, he was detained for breaching the conditions of his probation, while in hospital in Germany, for a previous embezzlement conviction, which he claims was fabricated. Attempt number one in a long line to silence Russia’s most vocal critic.


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