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BGMI Unban date in India 2022 Latest News, Govt Notice & Rumours


BGMI Unban date in India 2022 Latest News, Govt Notice & Rumours are discussed on this page with the latest inputs from various sources. In this article we have to take you through about BGMI, what is the urban date of BGMI, why the government banned the game and BGMI rumors and highlights

BGMI Unban date

BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India) is lately known as PUBG in India. The game was launched here on 2nd July 2021 only for android devices and for IOS devices it is launched on 18th august 2021. It is an online mobile phone multiplayer game created and published by Krafton.

BGMI Unban

The game was designed in the format of a shooter game player versus player, it is a large-scale game in which you can compete with up to 100 players in the same battle or you can also join it with your group of maximum of 4 people and you have to shoot or compete with the last man standing throughout the game, these are the following 6 maps given in the game Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Livik, Karakin, Sanhok so these are the few main details of the game. Then it got banned by the government of India on 28 July 2022 from both Android and IOS devices.

BGMI Unban Date in India

Rumors which are spreading recently online about unbanning the game BGMI. Most people believe that it may be back in India by September 2022 because of the rumors spreading on many social media sites, but it may seem as fake news. Krafton is claiming that they will definitely unban it from both the devices android and IOS.

As we know that BGMI, battleground mobile game is the most played game after PUBG. When the Government of India announces to ban it from both the devices android and IOS they faced a significant setback, after all this Krafton is very confident that they will do it again and make a comeback maybe in the mid of October or November if the reported sources are right.

BGMI Unban News

Mr. Hrishav Bhattacharjee creator of War Mania, When he declared that the game would be coming back to the mobile screens this year. To the statement he has given rumors are started taking place online almost over many social media sites. He also stated that Krafton will also make some alternative changes in the game.

Regarding the urban and comeback of the BGMI game in India. The Indian Government has not passed any official statement or announcements, but whenever the game will resume or restart it will back only with the proper precautions and safety of the player. When India played host to the introduction of BGMI in September 2021 since then the game earned such an immense range among gamers. Players are very curious and can’t wait too long to resume BGMI and relaunched it again in both the devices google play store for androids and the Apple app store for IOS.

Reasons why the Government has Banned BGMI in India

The government banned BGMI because when it seems that they revealed the user’s data of android smartphones to the server named Tencent owned by china. So because of the excessive exposing the data and information of the users, in India, approximately 280 applications have been removed from the google play store.

So on 28 July the Indian government officially banned the Indian version of PUBG, BGMI by banning both them under section 69A of the IT Act, the Indian government has decided to outlaw the game BGMI from India.

With this given information we can totally understand that the game has been violating the specific laws and rules, that is why this sudden suspension of the game has been made without any press, but yes there is also no official statement about permanent suspension  Many people or you can say ‘gamers’ are very curiously waiting to restart the game.

BGMI Unban Rumors and Highlights

  • Indian Government has asked apple and google to remove the game BGMI from the play store and app store.
  • In India, the BGMI game is now no longer available for installation.
  • For bringing back the game government companies are insisting the Indian Government bring it back on devices.
  • Lately, Krafton has said that they are working with the government for bringing back the game but it seems that they are facing some problems.
  • Some of the gaming companies and TechCrunch have written a letter to Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India requesting him for “fair treatment”, to help and promote the gaming ecosystem in India.
  • By Krafton fake rumours were being spread that the game is re-launching in September.
  • It is also in the news that Krafton, a South Korean game developer company is changing the location of the BGMI server.
  • Popular BGMI you tubers said that players of this game are scammed while recharging UC through websites and venomous apps.

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