Banglarbhumi Khatian Plot Map: Check West Bengal Land Records

The ministry of land records has developed a new website/ land portal called Banglarbhumi. Currently, you can access West Bengal’s land records online. Through this website, you can learn everything you need to know about the department of relief and rehabilitation, land and land reforms. When you decide to purchase land, the land portal will provide you with the essential and basic information you need to know in advance. This information includes the plot number, the owner, the property value, the land area, and the current owner. There must be benefits for the average citizen in the state from this. Their land details can easily be obtained as they can access them online.

For the land record, numerous details are used but only Banglarbhumi is used to check the land records of West Bengal.. The land record portal currently allows the public to view further information using their government office before visiting. However, that procedure was lengthy as well. This is also highly time-consuming. Therefore, here is the post we are writing today and providing information on the West Bengal Land Record Plot Map web portal. Using this, you can quickly gain knowledge about your land. Also, we share with you the details about the procedure, its benefits, and how you can conduct a land record search.

Banglarbhumi “Khatian” Land Records 

In West Bengal, the land records are called “Khatian” or “Records Of Rights” in English. Record of Rights (ROR) in West Bengal is an extract from land records registers held by the Revenue Department of the State Government. The ROR contains information regarding land or property, history, and the holders of the land. It is a vital element of determining how legal a land/property is. The Revenue Department maintains separate rights records for each village in the West Bengal Record of Rights (Khatian) register. In addition, the West Bengal government issues official copies of records of rights (land records) to residents. 

Uses of “Khatian” West Bengal Records Of Right

The following are some of the significant purposes of West Bengal Records of Rights (ROR):

  • In West Bengal, you can check the ownership of ancestral land or any other land using Records of Right.
  • ROR can get details of the type of land, and different activities carried out on land.
  • It is an important document to get information regarding the agricultural aspect of the land and its nearby areas.
  • You need to show the ROR or Khatian at the Registrar’s office during the land sale transaction (mutation).
  • If you want to raise farm creditors to get a loan from a bank in West Bengal, RoR is the vital document you need.
  • The court needs land record verifications if there should arise an occurrence of any considerate suit. An actual duplicate of ROR can be used for this purpose.
  • It is essential to check the land record of the vendor and guarantee their responsibility for the region while purchasing a property.
  • The purchaser needs to confirm the income records of the land (ROR) on which the level is being built in the event of purchasing apartments.
  • The buyer has to verify the revenue records of the land (ROR) on which the flat is being constructed in case of buying apartments.

How to Check the West Bengal Khatian Online

Step 1:  Access the Home page of the Banglarbhumi website

Step 2: Select the Citizen Service Option from the menu bar options, and then click on “Know Your Property” to view the details of the ROR Khatian.

Step 3: Go to the new page and select the District Name, Block name, Mouza from the drop-down menu and click on the ‘Search by Khatian’ option.

By giving the Khatian number, you can view the front and back pages of ROR. You can also get the print for the ROR. But this copy cannot be used for legal purposes; for obtaining a certified copy of ROR, you need to follow the steps explained below.

Eligibility Process

A certified copy of the West Bengal rights record (ROR) will be given only if there is no dispute about its title and the property in question does not belong to the West Bengal Government or the State Government’s land.

Time Frame

Within 20 days of the application, a certified copy of the West Bengal rights records will be given.

Applicable fee

The applicant must pay Rs.20 to receive a certified copy of the West Bengal rights records.

Prescribed Authority

The West Bengal Land and Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department is issuing West Bengal Records of Rights. Therefore, the person requesting the ROR must apply the Tahsildar of the relevant Tahasil, the appropriate authority.

Required Documents

To obtain a certified copy of the West Bengal Records of Rights, you must present the following papers:

  • Ration Card
  • Address Proof – Aadhaar Card
  • Land Tax
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Evidence for Income Sources – Income certificate
  • Proof of Identify – Voter ID
  • Proof of ownership of property

Services Offered by Bangalarbhumi

  • Citizen-Centric Services
  • Preparation, Updation & Maintenance
  • Boundary Demarcation of India-Bangladesh
  • Digitization of Map & Records
  • Distribution of Land
  • Training (LMTC and ARTI)
  • Thika Tenancy
  • Rent Controller
  • Request for GRN
  • Mutation
  • ISU Management
  • State Land Use Board

Benefits Of Bangalarbhumi

  • The Banglarbhumi webpage provides comprehensive Khaitan and storyline details.
  • The process of selling and buying real estate is made easier thanks to this website.
  • It’s improved the mechanism for maintaining land records by bringing openness to it.
  • The Banglarbhumi portal provides information on the infrastructural availability of any West Bengali site to businesses interested in establishing industry there.
  • All land and property-related information may be accessed via this website.
  • This website will help you save a considerable amount of time and money.
  • Thanks to this web page, residents of West Bengal no longer have to go to a government office to get their land records.
Name Banglarbhumi
Launched by Government authorities of West Bengal state
Beneficiaries Residents of West Bengal state
Objective To Digitalize Land Records
Official website

Registration Process at Banglarbhumi Portal

All you need to follow these simple steps to register at Banglarbhumi Portal:

  • Go to the official website of Banglarbhumi
  • Click on the signup option on the homepage.
  • The registration form will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the following information-
    •  Name
    •  Address
    • Father’s name
    • Mother’s name
    • Municipality
    • District
    • Email ID
    • Phone number etc
  • Enter the password.
  • Enter the captcha code
  • If you have registered a mobile phone number, you will receive an OTP on that number.
  • Enter the OTP in the space provided.
  • Click on submit.
  • You will be registered on the Banglarbhumi portal.


What is the Khaitan Number or DAG number?

In the Banglarbhumi record, each land entry is given a Khatian number as a unique serial number. Thus, BLRO mutations reveal rural landowners’ Khatian digits on the Parcha assigned to them.

How can I Get Khaitan’s Number?

To obtain the Khatian number, go to the website and complete the procedures provided:

  • Log in to Banglar Bhumi’s website.
  • If you click on ‘Know Your Property,’ you will be sent to the Khatian Details page.

What is Parcha of Land in West Bengal?

As far as we know, Parcha does not create or destroy any rights to a piece of property; it just registers the name of the owner and occupier in the BLlro department’s records. This document does not do any of those things.


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