With so many organisations (from social media platforms to the Big Four accountancy firms to fashion magazines) completing the study and giving their thoughts, we couldn’t resist generating a summary of what appears more or less safe to say today about the next year..

In the year 2022, here are seven of the most intriguing lifestyle trends that Gen Zers may expect to see in action.

Personality: pronouns take centre stage

According to a survey of Gen Zers, 59 percent feel forms inquiring for gender should include gender-neutral alternatives, and 50 percent believe society isn’t welcoming of persons who identify as transgender or gender fluid. It’s only lately that the use of pronouns in online profiles, such as those on Instagram or Tiktok, has gained traction.

This year, LinkedIn made the pronouns field available to its 200 million members, and 2 million of them have chosen to utilise it. This year, Columbia Sportswear Co. provided its 2500 retail staff the choice of stating their pronouns, with 260 of them choosing in.

Fashion has become bolder and more sustainable.

Sustainable fashion will continue to be a major consideration for many Millennials and members of Generation Z. According to a research, 73% of Generation Zers would pay extra for environmentally-friendly items if they were available (First Insight, 2020).

Clothing brand Tentree is a good example of a company taking use of this. One of the first companies to focus only on environmentally friendly goods and supply chain partners immediately developed a large following.

What about the real appearance, then? A new age is dawning and people are dying to re-emerge, bolder and more daring than ever before, says Celenie Seidel of Farfetch to British Vogue in her latest fashion column. In addition to the Dark Academia and Goblincore aesthetics, she and other industry experts predict that unabashedly skin-revealing apparel, crazy-designed shoes, and over-styled Y2K nostalgia will be major trends in 2019.

Online dating: it seems that attractiveness is less valued.

The members of Generation Z aren’t shallow. They’re open-minded, eager to make real relationships, and value people’s unique personalities above everything else. A study done by Opinium found that two-thirds of Generation Z favour “similar interests above appearances when it comes to connecting with someone.” There are a few dating apps that operate with the idea of diminishing the importance of appearance on the list of criteria for daters and this was noted.

The app XOXO is a highlight among these entrants. In addition to images and videos, user profiles on the site include digital avatars (sometimes known as “totems”) that follow users on their dating adventure.

Totems serve as both a dating avatar and a best friend, helping individuals improve their social skills while also providing a window into their own psyches.

In an effort to break the monotony of looking at others’ images, XOXO is offering its gaming environment as a way to connect with people. There is a greater opportunity for deeper conversation and a more light-hearted attitude to dating as a result.

Is there a place for social media in the fight for equality?

A reality TV competition show pitting activists against each other for social media approval may have been axed after online backlash and accusations in the trivialization of activism, but it wouldn’t have been pitched in the first place had social justice advocate-ship not gained so much momentum in the recent years—undoubtedly, for unfortunate reasons and primarily through the sheer power of social media.

52 percent of Gen Z will be using social media in 2021 to follow justice-related accounts, such favourites Period. Movement and Intersectional Environmentalist, and 28 percent of those polled said they want to follow even more justice-related accounts in 2022.

A return to the origins of food

More than any other age, restaurant operators say Gen Zers are more ready to try new foods than prior generations. The food sector is encouraged to use greater creative flexibility and experiment with ethnic foods from their origins, which is a good thing. Ancestral cuisine is becoming more popular among Gen Zers, who, it seems, draw inspiration from past times (and locations) while preparing meals at home.

From autumn of 2020 to fall of 2021, Pinterest saw significant increases in searches for classic recipes from many different cuisines throughout the world. As an example, there was a two-fold increase in orders for Arabic food and a three-fold increase in Russian cuisine. Experts believe this tendency will be most pronounced in Canada (Toronto is often regarded as the world’s most multicultural metropolis), but we believe it might be seen in any location with a sizable expat presence.

Celebrations of the underappreciated

As the world is becoming more unpredictable, people are in need of more reasons to celebrate life in all of its many forms. The Gen Z generation has grown weary of the same old cookie cutter baby showers and gender reveals, so they’ve turned to the underappreciated moments of modern life to fill their calendars.

Because ending a relationship is often more difficult than starting one, why not mark the occasion with a toast? And it’s a popular pastime, too: Breakup cakes and divorce parties have seen a steady rise in searches on Pinterest. What a way to go out on a high note!

Celebs: oh my goodness, micro.

Instagram’s trend report proclaims, “Creators have climbed to the level of a-list celebs,” and one can only dispute with that if one hadn’t been keeping up with the times.

About a quarter (25%) of Gen Zers and a quarter (25%) of all respondents feel that social media influencers are the primary spreaders, regardless of how many followers they have. 80% of young people feel that internet celebrities have a greater impact on society than traditional celebrities (e.g. singers, actors). It’s a shame, Hollywood!

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