6 Important Moments in Graffiti History

Artists that use graffiti

Everyone approaches art from a unique perspective and approach. Some of its varieties are universally applauded, while others elicit mixed thoughts in people’s minds and aren’t well understood by many. Graffiti art or vandalism is one such example, which is not appreciated by everyone but nonetheless demonstrates mastery of the nuances and history of its particular niche.

Six key milestones in the history of graffiti


Without a doubt, the most significant occasion in the history of graffiti can be traced back to the moniker Cornbread. Darryl McCray was his true name, and he was the youngster in question. When he falls in love with one woman, the narrative begins. “Cornbread Loves Cynthia” was the message he scrawled on the ground in his hometown. He wanted to get her attention and demonstrate how he felt about her. Discovering this occupation offered him happiness and pleasure, the youngster began to live his moniker everywhere in the state, even on planes and elephants.

Taki 1836 Notable Events in the History of Graffiti

After The New York Times published a piece about Taki 183, he became well-known. Taki’s name and location were plastered all over New York City’s streets during the end of the 1960s. In fact, it got so popular that youngsters who wanted to be his followers tagged their own names as well. It was almost like a game, and the kids with the most taggers quickly rose to the top of the leaderboard. Even though Taki was not the first, he was the most well-known.

Writing with bubbles and Phase 2

Phase 2 is lauded for introducing a fresh and more popular graffiti style to the world. Bubble writing, his style of street art, had become quite famous, and many others had attempted to copy it. A large portion of the hip-hop culture was influenced by Phase 2’s involvement, including DJing at their parties and participating in b-boying. This style’s legacy may be seen in contemporary street art as well.

Style Wars: A Documentary About Graffiti

The film, which was produced in 1983, provided a snapshot of the condition of street art at the time. It was produced by Henry Chalfant and directed by Tony Silver. Graffiti was a major focus of the film’s tale about hip-hop culture. It showed a variety of street artists and their creative expressions via the use of graffiti. There were several well-known artists on the list who had an impact on the development of street art.

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Samo

SAMO graffiti and its creator, Jean-Michel Basquiat, became legendary by the end of the 1970s. Although Basquiat and his pals Shannon and Al Diaz originated this style, it had always been associated with his name. The brief poetic words, most of which were caustic, were coined in the Manhattan region. As the graffiti began attracting attention from the general public, not all of the pals wanted to become involved, and some opted to remain anonymous.

It’s Blek le Rat with stencil graffiti.

Paris was a hub for street art in the 1980s, and one of its most well-known residents was Blek le Rat. He is regarded as a pioneer of the stencil style since he first began drawing rats on the streets. His images were usually laced with symbolism and intended to raise people’s awareness about social issues.

Graffiti artists with the greatest money and fame

On the surface, it seems that street art and money have nothing in common. There is nothing out of the ordinary about the things that weren’t normal a few decades ago, as we live in a constantly changing world. Graffiti is now a way of life and a source of income for many people.

On a list of the world’s wealthiest street artists published in 2014 were Retna ($5 million), Mr. Brainwash ($10 million), Shepard Fairey ($15 million), and Banksy ($20 million). However, David Choe was thought to be worth $200 million. In the last few decades, graffiti has evolved in both method and meaning, and it has a bright future ahead of it.

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