Material & technology studies

Material and technology in this context refers to the raw materials and how they are worked upon by artists and craftspersons to create an art object.
Just as it is important for a medical practitioner to understand the human anatomy in order to diagnose a medical condition, so it is also in the case of artefacts, and therefore it is necessary that we understand their composition. This understanding helps conservators to analyse how and why objects deteriorate when subject to various factors of deterioration and to arrive at an informed judgment of the most appropriate treatment.

The Material & Technology surveys being carried out for this project entail the following:

Understanding the practitioners with respect to their community, profession, skills, specializations, season in which they work/ collect raw material, workshop location, space, and its arrangement, tools of the trade.
Classification of raw material in terms of its source, method of collection and processing. Samples are collected and labelled
Step by step documentation of the various stages of creating the artefacts; photographs, interviews & field notes
Repair of the artefacts that they themselves create - Recording of the material and process
Oral traditions and rituals associated with the creation of the artefacts

(This page/section will contain in focus our object types)

Metal                                                                 Miniature                                                      Textile                                                          


 Wood                                                                Manuscript                                                    Stone


Ceramic                                                            Photograph                                                   Painting on Cloth 


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