Damage mapping & diagnostics

Damage mapping in this context refers to compiling a directory of damages of varied nature on different types of objects from all over India.

India is an expansive land with climatic zones as diverse as hot deserts, salt deserts, cold desert, coastal areas, hot and humid tropical, dry, dusty plains and alpine. Each of these climatic conditions interact with the art objects and affect their condition differently. Thus, for example, a bronze in a coastal zone may deteriorate differently than a bronze in a climatic zone that is dry and dusty.

The Damage Mapping is being carried out for this project in the following manner:
Contributors from across the Country - People are being requested to send in images and information of damages to art objects.
Categorisation - These images are being categorised according to their material and type of damage. As many of the damages being documented may be repetitive, the best representative examples are being compiled, and regularly updated.
Understanding the mechanism of damage - A tentative explanation of the process by which this damage has occurred, and how it will progress further if not treated, is put forward with the advice of the contributors and specialists.
The Directory -For the publication, a team of conservators will be contacted to help us select the best examples of the damages, and edit the explanations of the mechanisms of deterioration.

(This page/section will contain in focus our object types)

 Oil Painting                                                     Metal                                                               Miniature Painting


Painting on Cloth                                          Textile                                                              Manuscript


Terracotta                                                       Stone                                                               Wood



 Ceramics                                                          Photograph


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