This project is a world wide collective effort. Many institutions have formally committed to share information and collaborate on various activities. A larger number of institutions and well meaning individuals have been informally contributing to the project. The project acknowledges everyone for their support and willingness to share their knowledge base and experience. To be a part of this growing contributing group click on 'Partner with us'. We need your help and advice. 

Primary target areas are those where there are ‘collaborating’ institutions that have very important collections that coincide with the types of objects, that we have selected for this project. Concentrated efforts will be made to improve the collection management and conservation expertise in Institutions in these States. It will provide us assessable achievements as actual collections will be addressed.

View Partners in a larger map For example : Tamil Nadu has exquisite collections of bronzes and any project development of conservation of bronzes that is associated with a collection, say of the Government Museum, Chennai, will have national ramifications. Similarly, Kadatas, a particular style of accordion shaped book making is peculiar to Karnataka. Basgo Monastery in Ladhak, J&K has agreed to allow its sacred Himalayan art collection to be conserved and any guidelines for conservation developed for the Tawang Monastery (the biggest Buddhist Monastery in Asia) in Arunachal Pradesh will impact hundreds of monasteries in the region. Gujarat is the State for initiating textile conservation collaborations with, as the world’s attention is focused on the textile collections there.